How do you get your body back?

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I'm 35. I have had 2 babies in 2 years. I need some ideas on things I can do at home to get my body back. I'm not trying to be skinny or anything. I just need to firm up some things like my butt...when did it get so flat. I can't even wear jeans without a belt...they fall right down. And my belly of course is flabby and I have no muscle control. I cannot do a single situp, my belly turns into a 'pointy tent'...what is that all about. Then there is the boob thing too. I'm still breastfeeding so I can wait to work on them, but I don't know what to do when I'm ready. My husband has a bunch of excellent equiptment, useless without the moves. I've tried leg curls and incline situps. It's not working....Help me. Oh yea, I'm in Wisconsin, (keep that in mind when you tell me to walk, which I will do everyday when it's warm enough)...thanks


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Robyn - Get yourself an exercise ball - make sure its the right size first.  There are simple ball exercies that target the core tummy muscles - the muscles need to be re-trained to contract - that's why you can't do any situps.  Don't try any more situps or you'll hurt your back in the process.  You need first to develop your core muscles. The ball plus yoga is how I got my body back.  I'm in better shape now than before I had kids (3 girls).  Add me as a friend on FB if you want -  I've got some ball exercises that a personal trainer gave me to strengthen my core - I can try to upload them and put them under "notes" on my profile if you are interested.  Just let me know!


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Paige - posted on 02/26/2009




Im having the same problem. I gained 45 pounds during pregnancy and i have now lost it all but still have so much extra skin~ YUCK. I've given up on hope for my chest but i would really love to get rid of the love handles and flabby stomach. I just feel like i dont have the energy or time for exercise and have a really hard time not eating alot!!!

Joy - posted on 02/25/2009




My son is 6 months old. Pre baby I was a fitness instructor and took about 15 classes a week sometimes. I was very fit, lean and toned. During my pregnancy I was so sick I had to give up any excercise. Pregnancy turned my body into a shape I wasnt used to or happy with at all and i used these feelings to motivate me to get it back into shape. I started off with just walking, progressed to running and included a hill on my route, bought a home weights gym which i use every morning while my son is still asleep and even manage to get a few gym classes in a week. I have watched my fitness and body slowly return to a state I am happy with and i just use this as motivation to keep it going. good luck, just find something you enjoy doing.

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So I started a mini class called yoga-bonding, at a local community center. I bring the baby with me to class and they have a child care room for my daughter to play in while I'm in class. It's pretty nice so far(I've been to 1). I cannot do the more 'real' yoga moves yet, and I had to giggle at my inability to get into the proper postion, But it was nice to stretch and involve the baby, plus I think my daughter will enjoy doing it too at home when I practice.

Thanks again for all the awesome advice, It is easier to get a little motivated once you realize that your not alone.

Jennifer - posted on 02/07/2009




Herbalife I lost 80lbs in 7months and am off 3 meds...I was fat and tired and I feel better at almost 40 than I did i n my 20's..and trust you me I have been on every program out there.I was stuck for so long I thought I would never get my body back...would love to coach you. We run Weight Loss Challenges in Cincinnati and in 1 year we have lost is like the biggest loser except we don't vote anyone off the island...We have online/Phone challenges now..It is so cool we keep you accountable....Check out my website my pics are on can help you

Theresa - posted on 02/07/2009




I have been trying for 4 years to lose my "baby weight" - yikes!! We have 3 kids and I guess I have just been too lazy to really exercise. We have exercise equipment down stairs and the kids use it to play on. Almost as bad as it being used to hang clothes - lol! I have lost a few pounds doing meal shakes for breakfast, it has just been difficult to keep at it. Anyway, I know this post wasn't asked by me - but thanks for all the great advice.

Armineh - posted on 02/07/2009




with having a baby in hand i find it very difficult to excrcise! i guess the best next thing is dieting and not eating as much. ive been trying it and ive lost about 3lbs in 2 weeks! :) just cut down on lunch and you'll see the difference.

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You know what, i was told that it takes 9 wonderful months to make those precious little ones, so give yourself at least that time to get back to normal to be able to start doing the exercise you need. Something like yoga would be great, it doesnt need a whole range of equipment, and you can get a session in whilst the kids are playing. It also will stretch and tone all number of muscles you never knew you had, and of course the ones you want to. But be careful, speak to someone about what moves to use, as you probably know, your ligaments and such are all out of sync for a good few months after birth and you could do damage whatever exercise you decide on. Good luck, and if you find some wonder thing, do let me know! Ha! 

Kate x

Carolyn - posted on 02/06/2009




im 23 and i am a recent single mother with a 10 month old. i gained 80 lbs with him! i still hvae 30 to lose. ive been going to the gym as much as possible (which isnt very much :( ) i love it when i go i feel so much better and i try to do lil things at home. I was readin an article about how you shouldnt do crunches or any type of abs that have you shoulders come off the floor. the website is the title is reclaiming your prepregnancy body. i just read it so im going to try it out. i hvaent lost anything in the last 3 months ive been going to the gym and ive been watchin what i eat too. i have the worse streght marks every where! the only thing i lost was my boobs! im a size 11 and 160lbs and hopw i can at least get tone up and lose 2 pants sizes. i was 130 and a size 6 prebaby if i get there id be soo happy! lol. but i know its hard jsut keep your goal in mind and use your kids as a workout too! im son is 23lbs and i use him like a weight and he loves it! ill chase him around the house in his walker too! i just cant wait till he actually can walk and run and i can do sports with him that'll help alot! i love sports!. so good luck to you!


Jodi - posted on 02/06/2009




I have struggled with weight my whole life and I totally know what you are talking about with the pointy tent belly. I don't get that at all?? Excersizing is hard to get the time and motivation to do. If you have Comcast On Demand there is a fitness section that has tons of different works outs. I'm sure you could find one that suits you. I personally like the "walk and tone" 2 mile work out under the walking section. It is great for a beginner or if you are a little out of shape. It is easy to follow, works you hard but feels good and goes by really fast. Good Luck~Jodi

Angie - posted on 02/06/2009




I worked with a trainer to lose weight (went from 152 to 115 in 4 months) and the most important things Iearned from him were - keep a food diary. You might be suprised how much you're eating. Get a heart rate monitor and do the math to see how high your heart rate needs to be. Remember to lose weight you have to eat fewer calories than you use. To be honest, it WAS NOT easy I ate 1100 calories a day and ran 3 miles 6 days a week but it worked. I went from a size 10P to a size 2P. Good luck. You'll feel so much better and have more energy when you are at a healthy weight. I agree with Elizabeth, even though I was smaller at 40 than I was at 20 my body was different. I lost my tummy and saddlebags but I still had flabby boobs and lots of loose skin. But, it doesn't matter, I'm healthy now!!!!

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Wow, thank you all so much for some great advice. I will use it (hopefully) to tone my flabby, yet beautiful (new) body. :)

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I have just started walking and a mini trampoline exercises. I put on songs on my itunes that equal 30 minutes and do a series of workouts on the mini trampoline. I just started but it is fun and supposedly it works your core. After I get on the floor and do some stretches for flexibility. We will see if I stick to it.

Good Luck!

Marie - posted on 02/05/2009




I did a LOT of walking... if you can get a hold of a tredmil, I did one solid hour a fast walking at a pace set at 30 or above.... it did wonders!!!

Elizabeth - posted on 02/05/2009




I say you will never get your body back!!!  You will have a new body!  I am having the belly problem too!  I have two kids, the youngest is 8 months now.  I am guessing we need to do toning exercises.  And I try to include my kids! I have a ball I use some too.  The thing I really don't like is the stretch marks and the fact that my belly looks like a balloon that has been deflated!!  I guess some things are an exchange for having these wonderful kids...and I am okay with that!

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