how do you get your children to stand in the cornor for time out?


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Amber - posted on 06/20/2010




We started time-outs for our daughter when she was 2 years old. She is to stand facing the wall (this way anywhere can be a time out, in fact I have used the wall in a department store) and can not come out until she is told to. At first she cried the whole time I think because she realized that she had disappointed us. Now she doesn't cry but does stay where she is supposed to. We always take her out and explain what she had done wrong and ask her to apologize for it, then I give her a hug and get a kiss and all is well again. This really has worked well for us, in fact, she has actually put herself in time-out(cutest thing ever) for things that she believes are worthy of it and she is only 2 years 8 months old!

Diane - posted on 06/20/2010




depends on the age,,,I agree with the suggestions about being consistant and putting them back in.. But when I moved in with my ex he had four children ages 2,3,7 and 8. they were not used to time outs when I moved in so when i put the 7 yr old in the first time I ended up standing there with him, luckily their gram was there helping with the children so i could spend that time with that one. but after they all saw that I ment it I only had to remind them of time outs... But this probably doesnt help you much as these kids were probably older then yours... but it may be worth a try?!
Good luck to you and your family

Amber - posted on 06/20/2010




You just have to keep putting them back over and over until they realize that you mean business and that they will not be allowed to get out until done with their punishment. It might take a little while, but they do start to understand that they have to stay. But you have to be consistent every time, that is one of the most important concepts behind time outs.
We use a naughty bench, it just seemed easier because he's sitting down and I can hear him jump down before he tried to take off running.

Adrienne - posted on 06/20/2010




My son sits on the floor. I do have to stay nearby and put him back when he gets up (he's 19 months old). But always explain why they are in time out (you have to sit in timeout because you hit mommy. . .etc) then when their time is served, I say " thank you for sitting in time out. If you hit mommy again you'll have to sit down again. We use our nice hands. He may not understand everything I say, but he understands enough to know what I mean.

Joanna - posted on 06/19/2010




I don't make my daughter stand I make her sit/kneel facing the corner. She doesn't like to stay all the time, but due to her age (2 1/2) and short attention span I make her stay there for either 1 or 2 minutes, and I stay in the same area as her but I don't pay attention to her, and if she gets up I just put her right back without saying anything or making a fuss, and her minute starts over.

Taneia - posted on 06/19/2010




watch the nany laughs it really works i got my advice off me ma though but the same thing

Brandy - posted on 06/18/2010




We use a chair but whatever place you want to use is fine. You just have to keep putting them back until they realize you aren't going to give up on them. For the first few times, it can take a long time (even up to an hour) for them to realize this but once they know that you are serious about this, time-outs will be a breeze and they won't even attempt a runaway. Well, I guess my daughter (2) still attempts to runaway from a time-out about once a month but I usually only have to put her back once. Just testing me I guess.

Sheryl - posted on 06/18/2010




i have a place in the living room and the bedroom and even the kitchen. i till him his not getting out till time is up and if he get out his going right back. and i also till him no toys or tv! i till my son that what you did was a no no and you need to lesson to mommy. know mommy love you and i give them a hug and kiss. i till them to set for the amount of age. like my oldest set know for 4 min. theres a group if you would like more ideas called postive behaviour strategies- without smacking. it may be a help to you!

Jane - posted on 06/18/2010




i use our stairs. the first few times takes a while to get used to for them. you have to be firm and consistent. then explain to them why they were in timeout and then get on w/the day. they don't have the memory capacity to talk about it later. i didn't want a "naughty chair", too severe for me. besides if they're being really bad, they might throw it. lol!
my daughter was 18 months when i started giving her timeouts. she was too little before that.

good luck!

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