How do you get your toddlers to eat?

Lucrezia - posted on 02/25/2010 ( 9 moms have responded )




My sister is having alot of trouble with her 2 1/2 year old twin girls. They refuse to eat and one has lost weight. She's very upset and worried and I want to help her, so please tell me how you get your kids to eat. Ideas, recipes, we want to fatten them up!!


Jessica - posted on 02/25/2010




Haha, they are 2 you don't. I have 5 kids. I offer my 2 yo all meals with us don't make him eat, well do tell him at dinner and lunch a few time to sit and eat but do let him go when he is done. Feed still at that age on demand because I want to make sure he does get enough food. Of course it's not cookies and candy all the time. Plenty of cereals, crackers, cheese, yogurt, pudding, fruit, even canned fruit, pretzels, popcorn, eggs. And anything carpet friendly I will put into a sandwich bag and let him walk around and eat because alot of it is 2yo dont want to sit that long to sit and eat a meal. And also they don't eat that much at once they are grazers. I generally if under 3 always let them have something to be nibbling on, if they can take it on the move they like it even better. And we do alot of milk. My youngest would not drink plain milk so we put nesquick in it and he loves it, no worries though, he's been to the dentist his teeth are great, haha. Good luck to her. If anything if they want to eat the same thing every day let them and just and the vitamin supplement :)

Sharlene - posted on 02/25/2010




i suggest taking the girls shopping next time she does the food shopping. get the girls to pick out a good girl food, my daughter chose coco pops and she now knows that if she eats all her food through the week, on sundays she will have coco pops for breakfast, then when she wouldnt eat her fruit or veggies, i let her choose what she thought may be good fruit & veggies, and let her try them... she now loves them...and for the ones she didnt pick that she still wont eat... i mash them into her potato


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I get my son involved but like Alisha said it doesn't always work. When he chooses not to eat then he has to wait till our next snack time to eat and he usually will. He has kinda figured out finially that being hungry is not fun so he tends to eat. They will eat eventually they may just be small my son will gain and lose weight when he is not growing sometimes.

Alisha - posted on 02/25/2010




Well i ahve to say that yes i involve my children in cook however i t doesn't always work. First make sure they aren't getting any snacks an hr or so before diner. Even them drinking can fill them up so maybe if they want a drink before diner then give a half drink. It can be hard some times to get our girls to eat. They are 3.5 yrs and 2 yrs and they just feed off one another. . if one is eating fine and the other doesn't wanna then the one that was eating now doesn't wanna either. . ugh. but i ahve to say not all nights are good but for the most part they are as they know they have to at least have a few bits of everything. U might think we are mean or striked but it has worked.. most nights they eat wants on the plates and the hard nights they eat about half. They aren't allowed a drink with their diner tell they have had a FEW bits. i don't know i know some children are worse then others but u need to stand ur ground and be like u need to eat this and if u don't then it will be here for u later. All above ideas are great. . they do love to help and pick whats going to be made.

best wishing on them eating

ps its true a child won't let themselfs starve

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i get mine to choose what they want to eat at mealtimes on certain days so they are involved in whats going on. maybe she could get them involved in cooking small things like cookies or fairy cakes, or she could do a snack box for them with fruit and crisps/sweets. they could pick at the box during the day then at least she knows that they are eating something.

best of luck to your sisterx

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Get them involved with choosing the foods and helping to prepare them. My son loves to stand on his chair at the counter and help me cook. Make nutritious fruit and yogurt smoothies and add Ovaltine or Carnation Instant Breakfast to whole milk (that will give them added nutrition & calories and they may be more willing to drink it). If my son doesn't eat his meal then we always go back to it and keep trying until he's hungry. Good luck to her! I know it's frustrating when they don't eat. Their appetites will pick up when they hit their next growth spurt.

Stardust - posted on 02/25/2010




i had to trick mine into every bite for a couple of weeks. I'd make her laugh or smile and shove a bite in. Make sure your not showing your toddler how stressed out you are about it.that will make eating a negative thing in thier minds.Remember a child will not starve itself to death they will eat when they are hungry. try foods with high calories to make every bite count. But no junk.

Tabitha - posted on 02/25/2010




make things fun pick out a few things that are possibilitys for the meal and let them pick which one they want. our make fun shapes out of their foods if they pick what they want they feel less like their being forced to eat the food and more like they want to

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