How do you handle a new puppy when I didnt want her but my fiance thought she'd be great to have?

Kirbie - posted on 03/29/2011 ( 8 moms have responded )




my fiance got a puppy.. she is a minature australian shepherd. I wouldnt mind it but he works 7 to 6 everyday so therefore only sees her at night.. I am a stay at home mom and also watch two other children at my house. THe stupid dog started biting and I mean really biting. I want to get rid of her but he is all butt hurt about it and tells me I am over reacting. Am I over reacting? and am I in the right to want to get rid of her?


Brianna - posted on 03/29/2011




I used to breed dobermans. i think u have every right to be mad about getting the dog in the first place because it wasnt a joined decision and u have to house train it and all the hard work. but i think ur over reacting about getting rid of the dog for the biting thing.. all puppys go threw that biting and chewing stage you just need to disipline them and teach them its wrong.. there many different things to try to fix this problem acouple thing u can try is have a spray bottle and spray the dog if he bites, if he bite yell ouch super loud enough to surprise and scare him, put rocks in a empty water bottle and if he bite start shaking it and of course saying no and the noise will scare him, ect... perhaps u can take a obedience class together this way puppy will get trained and you and hubby can bond with puppy while spending time together. good luck


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Kirbie - posted on 04/12/2011




Thanks everyone. We decided to get rid of her she attacked a family friends daughter out at there house so we decided to have her go with another friend to a farm seeing as she loves being outside and playing around with the horses and cows. I appreciate everyones input though.

Tinker1987 - posted on 03/30/2011




I had dogs before baby,so i have to go through the process of making sure my dogs are good around baby when he is mobile and starts tugging on fur.IF i had my son first i would have never gotten the dogs,but it went the other way around and im determined too make it work, i love my dogs,they are apart of the family too,there are alot of great tips you can do to help train both dog and baby to be nice around one another,and teach the dog to tolerate kids...Just because you read one persons bad experience about "other"family members dog biting there kid doesnt mean YOUR household dog would do it. its different when the child is around the dog ALL the time in YOUR household.
Anyway, being that the dog is still a pup you could likely find it a new home faster,its harder to find homes for adult dogs so if you really want the dog gone id do it ASAP especially if your running a dayhome dont want a lawsuit on your hands

Stifler's - posted on 03/30/2011




Tell your husband you don't want a dog. Period. And unless he is going to look after it and train it to not bite you're getting rid of it.

Katie - posted on 03/30/2011




New puppies are a challenge even when you don't have children. First i would like to give a positive for having a dog with children. I have had a dog though having both my children. One passed away and 18 m later when i was pregnant with my second child we got a new puppy. Having a dog with children shows them from a very young age how to behave with animals and how to respect and be gentle with others. However puppies are hard work. My husband was away for the first 6 weeks of having our puppy and i set my self a challenge to have him fully trained in that time. Puppies do bite - as a part of play with their litter mates and they do so with their mummies. However mummy will not accept any hard biting and she will discipline and remind him who is boss here. YOU are now the pack leader not your husband. You have to show him that biting and mouthing are not acceptable, ESPECIALLY when you are caring for another persons children. Is the dog biting in play or in agression? If you feel your children are at any risk of harm from the dog then its your duty to rehome her somewhere with no children. How would your husband feel if when the dg is full grown if he took the face off one of your children. ?? You need to put in a fair amount of time and a lot of patience when trying to train puppies. I have a degree in animal behaviour and the techniques given by Brianna are really good ones and are the same i would have recommended using. Good luck and make the right choice for your children!

Kristin - posted on 03/29/2011




when i was little, my dad bought us a puppy for christmas. my mom didn't really want him, but my dad thought it would be great for us kids. well, we loved that dog. we took very good care of him and played with him all the time. as we got older, we played with him less and less and my mom picked up the slack. she took care of him till he died. she was heartbroken over it.
just know sweety, you are going to be the main provider for that dog. seems like you already are though. but as your kids get older and get their own little lives, you will have that dog.
i suggest talking more to your husband about it. it's unfair for you and unfair for the dog if it's not wanted.

Brandis - posted on 03/29/2011




tell him to stay home for one day with the dog and kids and see how he likes it, if she's a threat to the kids they should definitely come before a dog

Melissa - posted on 03/29/2011




OMG That is the biggest fight with us hubby wants a puppy but I dont! Sounds Like Number one the safty of the children are at risk...while the dog doesnt know any better it is very serious! Also you should tell him that the only way you are keeping the puppy is if gets him trained by a professional asap and keep him away from the kids untill he is fully trained! I have two kids in my family whom have gotten SERIOUS and I mean serious bites from family members otherwise sweet little girls face is scared so bad! You need to stress how unsafe it is right now!!!!!!!!!! God forbid he bites one of the children...the quilt you would have and possible lawsuit!

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