How do you make time for CoMs with kids?

Britt - posted on 07/23/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




I dont seem to ever have time much except at night while the kids are sleeping, but much time to chat and keep up on CoMs . I have 2 bio's with my ex boyf, and 2 SK's full time with me and my DH in our care and we have 1 DD toddler together. so that makes 5 total!
With laundry, family, friends , my DH's work..oh gosh, i really dont see much time. Right now my 2 bio's live with their BD, but still with 3 kids i can only foresee much needed time during the night when they are asleep!
LOL how do you all do it


Ange - posted on 07/23/2011




every other week we have 2 kids in this house and I usually poke through doing cleaning and what not I do not go study at it as I am a SAHM and like Carolee says I live a boring life.... so if I did all my cleaning in on day then I am bored with nothing to do the next week.... but then we have 2 kids one's ours together and the other is a step child to me so she goes back and forth to her bio's place

Carolee - posted on 07/23/2011




My husband and I split the housework. I also check com through the day, in between everything I do (I don't do much, though). When the kids go to bed, I usually send my husband to bed, too, then I chat online. Basically, I have time because I lead an extremely boring life and only 2 kids.


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Britt - posted on 07/23/2011




I dont see how my friend does it either with 7 children. constantly on the computer its like omg congrats woman! LOL

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