How do you put your baby to sleep how old is he?

Kayliecia - posted on 01/10/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




Im asking this question because i do have a routine, its just my son is 4 months and all of a sudden he started waking up at night..and im not sure why...i know hes been drooling alot so i guess it could be teething! thanks!


Amy - posted on 01/11/2010




when my son did that at 4 months it was because of teeth. there were some nights that i gave him motrin and that helped. you have to be careful with that and not doing it too much. i would only do it once or twice w week. good luck, keep up the routine and it does get better.


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Brittany - posted on 01/10/2010




Apparently, I am the odd one out here. We don't really have a set routine. Whenever Annalise (15mos) is tired, she and I head to the bedroom where she gets on her pjs and we lie down on the bed, I'll nurse her until she is sated and then cuddle her until she drifts off. Then I get up and go about whatever I need /want to do. We have a platform bed that she can climb on and off of, so I'm not worried about her falling off.
She rarely wakes up, never cries, and is just a happy girl. When my husband and I get ready to head to bed, I just gently shift her to one side. No problems.

Most likely, your son is either teething or going through a growth spurt and is therefore especially hungry. It's probably temporary.

Christy - posted on 01/10/2010




my 17 month old has a routine that takes about 30 mins or so. at 7:30 we put her in a pull-up and jammies, give daddy a kiss and tell him goodnight, go upstairs for her last trip to the potty and then go to her room. i then sing her the same 4 lullabies each night and if she hasn't fallen asleep by the time they're done, i will hold her hand in silence for about 10 mins. if she is still awake at that time i tell her it's bed time now and mommy has to go, goodnight sweetheart, i love you. most of the time she goes right to sleep after that but there are a few nights where she will cry a bit but never any longer than 10 mins.

Angel - posted on 01/10/2010




Our son has slept through the night ever since we started swaddling him. He is 3.5 months and still & being swaddled, but has worked out to having one of his arms out now. He ALWAYS gets a diaper change and a bottle, sits with us and plays or talks for about a half hour and then goes to bed between 9:30 & 10 at night. He also sleeps alot in the daytime as well. He takes AT LEAST 2 naps, sometimes 3. He wakes about 7:30-8 in the morning, gets his diaper changed and eats. Then we play, sing, talk, read, etc for about an hour and then he gets his tummy time for about 15 minutes. By that time he is hankering to be upright, so I sit him in his walker (his feet can't even touch the floor but he LOVES IT!) and then between 1.5 hrs & 2 hours, he goes down for a nap. Then follows the same routine after he wakes. He usually eats about 5 times a day. SOMETIMES he wakes for a night time feeding, but not often. Also, we've found that running a tunnel fan by his bed (away from him of course) seems to help him sleep. It's the white noise I think. We though at first he hated the swaddling because he would fight it HORRIBLY, but once swaddled, he calmed down pretty fast and now he falls asleep in about 5 minutes TOPS. Usually he talks himself to sleep. LOL I hope that something I have said helps. I know that being sleep deprived can not only make for a cranky mommy, but a cranky baby too.

Jessica - posted on 01/10/2010




My son is 5 months old i have a bedtime routine tea, bath, bottle, quiet time, and then i put him to bed awake at 7pm everynight he sleeps till 6:45-7am

Kayla - posted on 01/10/2010




my 16 month year old daughter has a routine. at 9pm she gets a daper change and fresh milk bottle her stuffed mickey mouse and her blacket. i lay her down tell her love you and sleep good and see you in the morning princess... she flops around til shes comfortable and them she goes to sleep. then the bottle that she has is taken out of the crib.

Krystal - posted on 01/10/2010




Wil is 10mths old. We have a bedtime routine of dinner, bath, boob, bed. He goes to bed awake in his sleeping bag. I kiss him, "Love you bubby, sleepy times now" and walk out. He will either go to sleep straight away or whinge for a few minutes x

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