How do you relieve stress and being overwhelmed???

Wendy - posted on 01/28/2011 ( 7 moms have responded )




My husband is a 747 pilot and gone ALOT to dangerous countries, me at home with two children (7year old in school full-time and 4 year old daughter at home with me all day) Today is the first time in months that I broke down and cried because Im so frustrated and miss my hubby so darn much. I try to do things around the house to take my mind off of the things that overwhelm me or stress me out. I need help me! Thanks


Carly - posted on 02/01/2011




I agree with Amber that getting uot of the house really will help.Find out if there are any playgroups running in your town that way your daughter and you are both benifiting and it's talking your mind off missing yuor hubby... do you have any friends with kids? making playdates with them can als help ..i know there easy to think of things but i hope they help you! sorry i can't help more

Amber - posted on 01/28/2011




My hunny is currently away with the Army for the next year. He's stationed about 4 hours from us, so we'll see him every couple of weeks.

The number one thing that I'm doing is leaning on family and friends. I've always had a weekly dinner with my parents, and I continue to now. I also try to have a weekly get together with one of my close friends.

I'm in college finishing my second degree right now too. And that gives me something to focus on. Even if you didn't want to get a degree, maybe you could find a local art class or something like that. It could be something that you've always wanted to learn...and it would give you a place to go to get your mind off of missing him. And you'd probably meet other people with your same interests too :)

The best way for me to get my mind off missing my guy is to get out of the house. I have so many great memories with him here, and when I'm out there aren't so many harsh reminders and my mind is busy.


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Sonia - posted on 02/09/2011




Hi Wendy, I'm an army wife on our 3rd deployement. I also stay home with my two kids while my husband is deployed, which is for a year at a time. Although my kids are both full time in school, I still feel that I can't keep a regular mon-fri 9-5 job to distract myself. I have to be there for THEM when it comes to everyday life and sports (I'm all they have) till dad gets back to step in and help. I was also feeling frustrated not having anything to keep me busy, while still being available for all my kids needs. I'm grateful to my friend who introduced me to a work from home that has helped me keep busy while still being able to be there for my boys. It has definitely made a diference on how my days go by. If you are interested feel free to email me @ myself busy is about the best way I have found to keep my sanity and feel less frustrated. I believe my kids appreciate the difference in me I'm less "cranky/moody", I love it. As much as I love and feel blessed for being able to stay at home, we do need a little something else to do that is not just "mommy" related, and hey if you can make extra spending money, even better right ;). Best of luck to you and your family and find something even if it's a hobby to keep your mind occupied.

Heather - posted on 02/03/2011




I commend your husband for having such a dangerous job and such. I commend you more for having two kids. It takes anyone to fly a plane, it takes an even more special person to raise two kids full time. Life sometimes is alot to deal with in the sense that things just become overwhelming. My suggestion is plan some ME time. Your children are both old enough to understand that you need some time for you. So if it is going to the mall to get your hair done, or watching your favourite tv show, or just getting out of the house period. At least it is something. Just make sure you balance it out with some THEM time too. Like crafts or trips to the park. My little guy is 9 months old soon and it hit me hard when I realized that I just can't be super mom and do it all. And I am okay with that. It is alright to not be able to do it all. And yeah I cried but then my little guy smiled at me, gave me a mommy hug, and stuff just melted away. So even if you can't do it all or handle it all or somedays you just need to cry, to them, your 7 year old and your 4 year old, you will always be supermom. HUGS!

Nicole - posted on 02/03/2011




hun, something that really helped me is to get my bum to the gym, but they have a play area with people who watch over your lo. if they dont have that option there, see if hter is a playgroup that you could drop your daughter at 2/3 times a week and do something that makes you feel good but doesnt cost much, like surfing/walks in a field, gym or gardening, hair is a lovely idea or a weekly massage or facial. xxx you have to love yourself so you can give them all the love they deserve hun xxx

Desarae - posted on 02/02/2011




I stay at home with 3 toddlers, I have no family of my own and my husband works about 80 hours a week. So, when it gets too much for me- and you might think this is rediculous- I ask my mother-in-law to watch my kids and get my hair done. I feel great, I get at least 3 hours of girl time, and kid-free time, and you know when you look good you feel good.

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