How do You Spend Your Day?

Marie - posted on 07/08/2011 ( 7 moms have responded )




We have so much to do that its like working a 24/7 Job, So what consumes MOST of your time?


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Stifler's - posted on 07/08/2011




Attempting to amuse my child with books, tv, walks to the park. He is not amused and just whinges the whole day. I have a baby so I have to feed her adn wash bottles and suits she has spewed on and bunny rugs she's spewed on.

Bridget - posted on 07/08/2011




I wake up with the little ones give them breakfast, let them have a little tv time so i can do dishes from breakfast and throw in a load of laundry. Then my five year old and four year old venture off into their rooms to play with their toys they love playing with their legos. My two year old stays out in the living room with me and we play with his toys. Then we have our snack time. After snack i will usually do some type of craft or educational activity. Then we do storytime. After storytime we cook lunch. We eat then the baby goes down for nap the girls do their quiet time either in the living watching a DVD or in their rooms playing quietly. I clean up from lunch and put some laundry away. After the baby gets up we go and do some afternoon errands. Like the food store or sometimes we go some place fun like the pool or libary. Then we come home and they play on their own for a little bit. I get started on dinner. We eat and then we start to calm down with baths and storytime. And by 7:00 or at the latest 7:30 they are in bed...its a long day but i love it :)

Angela - posted on 07/08/2011




I'd have to say that just keeping my kids happy and occupied is what takes up most of my day. I have a 4 year old, a 1 year old and a 3 week old, so its really nonstop for me all day. I like it though, and during their nap time I clean up after all the messes and keep up with the daily chores...My only down time the whole day is when theyre in bed for the night, which I have a newborn, so even my downtime isnt really time for myself lol. I wouldnt have it any other way though!

Janeta - posted on 07/08/2011




My day is feeding my angel baby breakfast, reading her a book, cleaning up the breakfast dishes, waking up my husband, making him a cup of coffee, playing with Ryleigh (my eleven month old) feeding her lunch, laying her down for nap, making nick and i lunch, cleaning up lunch. alone time with my husband, nap time for my husband (he works nights) getting ryleigh up giving her snack, cleaning up lunch dishes, waking nick up for work, playing with ryleigh, making dinner, more cleaning, bath time for ryleigh...and some days I do laundry. It would be an everyday thing if i did not live in an apartment...Joys of Mommy Hood! ♥ its the best! I wouldnt change my life for the world! My job is 24/7 but i love it!

Tamara - posted on 07/08/2011




Usually laundry, driving kids around and doing the dishes fill my days the most, Cooking is up there too.

Leah - posted on 07/08/2011




My day consists of keeping my toddler busy. Cooking, a little straightening up. Facebook while she naps. Running errands in the afternoon. Then family time when hubs gets home. Its pretty much the same everyday...

Adrienne - posted on 07/08/2011




Laundry! I live in a blended family. There are 9 people here. Laundry and then dishes takes up most of the time i'm not playing with the toddlers or running the olders somewhere...

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