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My daughter just turned a year a week ago and the doctor approved finishing whatever formula left and then switch her to whole milk. Grwat right! :) So I mixed formula with mikk to get her used to the taste and no problem there. My problem is that while she was on formula her bottle was always warm, now with the milk being cold she doesn't like it....i prefer having her drink cold milk and avoid warming up if at all possible. I want to be able to go out and about and b able to buy milk if needed without worrying about finding a way to warm up her milk. I want these days to be over :). What to do?


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Maybe you could start by keeping the continuity from her formula and give her milk warm for a few weeks, then gradually reduce the temperature of the milk you give her until eventually you just give her milk out the fridge.

We found the summer really helped our son wean from warm milk because it was too hot to give him warm milk we gave him cool milk to cool him down...he was about 15 months old when he started drinking cold milk.


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Janice - posted on 02/04/2012




I like the ideas given already. Another option would be to start making her formula with room temp water since she already likes the taste of the formula. Then slowly, every couple of days make it colder. Then when you switch to cold milk it wont be a big deal.

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Make it a little bit less warm every time you give her a drink of milk. My son liked room temp milk and hated it cold until he got a bit older.

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