How Do You Work From Home, Take Care of the Kids, and Keep Your House in Order?

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Hey everyone :) I work with an awesome company that enables me to work online from home. It's a blessing to be able to make extra income .while being at home with my kids, but it's also a challenge. Especially since I have a 3 year-old that never seems to run out of energy and a 6 month old who doesn't like to sleep! Lol I have yet to really balance it all out. I have repeatedly tried to set a schedule for nap times, a set time for me to do my work, a set time for dinner and I rarely stay within that schedule. I never know what spontaneous things my daughters are about to do next, such as not wanting to sleep, throwing a fit, or simply crying like there's no tomorrow. When it comes to keeping my home tidy, I'm constantly cleaning. I'm sure majority of us know that when you have a toddler, you never stop cleaning throughout the day.

I thank God for my beautiful children. It's just sometimes I think they are trying to drive me crazy! Lol
I still continue to pray and ask God "God, how do I balance out work, my children, holding down the fort, and stop my head from popping off, all at the same time?" And I ask all of you the same thing.

I thank you in advance for all of your advice :)


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