how doe anyone ge everythng done???? lol

Nerys - posted on 10/20/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am 24 and have 3 children,ages 6,2 and 4 months.My house is a tip I never seem to find time to clean it,toys is one thing but there's laundry,dishes,cooking,making bottles,oh,and nappies! I seems to be never ending I can spend the whole day cleaning and still only touch the surface.I seem to have no time for my babies at all,let alone being able to have some time off.I have no family living around me at all and my husband is useless,he doesn't lift a finger! I was just wondering how other people do it that's all....


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Stephanie - posted on 10/20/2009




hmm, well what are you doing that could be done quicker? or could you delegate to someone else?
your 6yo is old enough for chores, like putting laundry away, and dusting tables/low things, sweeping floors, maybe folding laundry. at the very least he/she's old enough to do everything with your help.
As for hubby, well, yeah. :) what sometimes work for me, is to appeal to his manly side... Could you help me with the (fill in the blank), I can't reach it. or I can't lift it. Granted it limited what you can ask for help with, but it's better than nothing. oh, it helps to follow up with some thank yous and admiration of height and strength.... I know it's lame. :)
other than that, I'm just happy with what I manage to get done every day. Yesterday I ran the dishes and tidied the living room. My daughter moved the laundry, but I didn't get it folded. hubby changed the toddler's diaper before bed. finally. I've been asking for four nights in a row.
Today I'm aiming to get the laundry folded and have kidlets put it away before bed. :)

Tracy - posted on 10/20/2009




wow, you have your hands full!!! I have a 6 and 4yr old. when my 6 yo is at school that's when I do my laundry, or at least get it started! I know its neverending! you could try and get some house cleaning done while your lil one is napping and your 2 yo is busy occupied with something to do, coloring, a fav movie or tv show, music etc. if they want to help you give them a lil job to do, like give'em a rag to wipe down tables or mirrors, windows, etc. I usually am able to just do it, being quick ablout it, of course!! I have another on the way, and I am going to be in your situation soon! do they go to bed at a decent time for you?? about the same time?? that's when I would do dishes, finish some l;aundry and would make the bottles for the next day! you could also pick a day to do a different chore around the house to make it a lil less stressful. hope I could help you some!! good luck!

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