How long did it take for your child to become potty trained?

Liz - posted on 03/08/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have potty trained 2.5 boys. My first two took nearly a year before they would go no. 2 on the toilet, and then once they finally did, it was smooth sailing from there. Well, boy number 3 is fast approaching the 1 year mark, and still has accidents and doesn't usually tell me if he has to go, I just tell him to go and he does. I am getting frustrated at the seeming lack of progress. I have a 20 month old daughter that I am getting ready to start potty training as well, and I am dreading it. I am just afraid that we will have yet another repeat of the 3 boys. What has been your experience? Does this seem at all normal to anyone else out there?! My sister in law has also potty trained 3 boys, and they all suddenly just became potty trained, seemingly overnight. Maybe this is where my perception is skewed...


Elfrieda - posted on 03/08/2013




Possibly you're sticking with it even more than is necessary or helpful. I go the lazy way of parenting, if it's not working, give up and try again later. Not always the best approach, but I think it worked for potty training. I thought my son was ready at 23 months but it was a terrible time for us right at the moment so I waited until he was 25 months, tried, but it turned into a power struggle and my son developed a fear/aversion to toilets. So I dropped it for a very long time, then at 33 months old with a new baby coming in 4 months, I decided it had to be tried, removed his pants, and he got it in one morning. (it took longer to do #2, but by a month he was day-trained where I could trust him even when playing with other kids not to have accidents, but at 39 months he's still not sleep-trained)

So I'm not sure if you'd say it took 8 months to potty train him, or one day. It certainly was less stressful than if I had tried for the whole 8 months until finally he got it. I think it depends on the child's personality, too, how fast they get used to the idea.

I feel silly giving advice to you who have so many kids when I only have the one toddler, but when my son started NOT telling me and only going when I told him to go, I worried that he was losing touch with his ability to catch his bladder's signals and I stopped reminding him. We had a few accidents but after that he seemed to get more in tune with himself. So now I still require him to go before car rides, etc, but for the rest of the time I let him be in charge of deciding when to go.

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My son was not potty trained until 1 month before his 4th birthday. That was very frustrating. But when he finally started to go he was an angel with it. He will be 5 in July and he just started wiping his own butt. Just remember that every child is different. Everyone told me to be patient that he will do it when he is ready. And sure enough he did. I have heard of some who were not potty trained until 5. Just be patient......when he's ready he WILL do it. Good luck.


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