How long did it take you to conceive?

Chrissie - posted on 11/30/2010 ( 70 moms have responded )




My husband and I recently decided to go ahead and try for baby #2, our son is almost 5 and was an accident ♥ best one ever. I'm trying to be patient and not worry myself about it but I am so anxious! I know its different for everybody, but how long did it take you to conceive once you were actively trying??


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Vegemite - posted on 12/01/2010




first baby was 7 months so for our second we came off contraception 7 months before we wanted to fall pregnant but got surprised the very next month. My doctor said and i read in other places (books and internet mainly) that 7 months is average for a healthy fertile couple

Elina - posted on 12/01/2010




I was on the depo shot before we decided to conceive once we decided we wanted to try i stopped taking depo and it took 8 months of actively trying....hang in there it was so hard for those 8 months of waiting to miss my period but when i was prego it was amazing!

Alice - posted on 12/01/2010




i had the implanon in and i got it taken out 3 days later me and my partner tried and fell pregnant one month later we where pregnant.

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It took us 15 months to concieve. My period didn't return after stopping the pill at age 18 but I had been on it since age 13 for PCOS. PCOS can cause women to be infertile but luckily a HSG test showed my tubes weren't blocked and after that test which they used a drug to induce a period I fell pregnant. The average time to concieve is around a year.

Sammie - posted on 12/01/2010




My first child (now 18mo) was concieved while on the pill. She was a very big surprise given my medical history and a barrage of dr's telling me I would never have children! Baby #2 was conceived after a night of "make up sex" with no protection ;) I have heard of many people who fall pregnant once they stop trying to fall pregnant ;) It sounds contradictory but if you instead of "trying" to conceive, just try not to prevent a pregnancy ;) The more you stress about it the harder it is to fall pregnant. Easier said than done I am sure! Best of luck to you!

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I have an application on my iTouch that keeps track of my menstrual cycle and ovulation days. With my daughter, I went off birth control and I was pregnant the month after. With this one, we practically just thought about it and BAM!

Lol, seriously though, each time I knew exactly the best time to have sex. We also were in the mindset that it might take a while and if it happens, it happens.

Lisa - posted on 11/30/2010




I was told I was unfertile but since we weren't married we did use condoms except for one night when we'd had a little too much to drink and along came our first which also solidified our relationship. We joked about having a second when she turned 1 and 4 months later we pregnant. We weren't planning on having a third and I was on birth control and got pregnant.

So apparently for us trying not to get pregnant, gets us pregnant!!

Heather - posted on 11/30/2010




Good luck! Perhaps you'll be like me with my second son. Sixteen weeks in and wondering why I my jeans wouldn't fit!

Candy - posted on 11/30/2010




First was 7 months , then we lost her. It took 7 months for the second one. So we started trying alittle early just in case it took 7 months for the third and guess what it only took 3 months. They are 16 1/2 months apart. It was hard when they were little but fun now. Good luck and dont stress that will only make it take longer.

Heather - posted on 11/30/2010




Kinda funny actually... We should have had soo many "oops's", but once we just started talking about starting a family, BAM I was pregnant! So it really didn't take any time at all... But I had always worried before that, that there was something wrong with me because there were so many times that we didn't use protection and I never got pregnant. So actually getting pregnant was a huge relief to say the least. Don't stress. It will happen when it is ment to be! Good luck and keep us posted!

Jo - posted on 11/30/2010




Gabriel was concieved in approximately 15 days. The baby I am pregnant with now - I quit taking birth control in the middle of July and we found out I was pregnant Sept 30th. We weren't really trying to get pregnant, we just weren't trying to prevent getting pregnant lol good luck and have patience ♥

Kymberly - posted on 11/30/2010




my daughter wasn't planned so when we wanted to started "trying" for number 2 I had no idea how to do so besides obviously "doing it!" lol so I kept track of my periods how long they were, when they started, and when they finished. I checked out a website called and I started panning our pregnancy :D there are a LOT of websites out there that will help tell you when you are more fertile and the first month I started using one we fell pregnant! It took 3 months of no birthcontrol total and I'm now 14 weeks today :D good luck and don't get stressed if it doesn't happen as fast as you want it to!!

Stefanie - posted on 11/30/2010




Both of my children where unplanned. With my first child we talked about having kids and it didnt happen. When we stopped talking about it which was about a year later we were pregnant. I believe that when you really want one and get stressed out because you havent gotten pregnant it doesnt happen. It is going to happen it may just take longer than you expect it to happen. It took me 4 years to get pregnant with my second child and I was not on birth control the whole 4 years. Good Luck to you and your husband. Again it will happen dont stress yourself out.

Bonnie - posted on 11/30/2010




With my first, he was not planned. Happened the first time without a condom. My second was planned and got pregnant within the first month. They say try not to think about it because stress could keep it from happening. If you have sex once every other day, you should fall pregnant.

Melissa - posted on 11/30/2010




For my first she was "unplanned". My second it actually took me 18 months to conceive. A very long frustrating and disappointing period of my life.
I evern had to go on fertility drugs for 6 months (they didn't work). I actually gave up hope, came to the conclussion that it was never going to happen and learned to be "okay" with that. Two months later I was late irritable and a plan bitch. My fiancee told me to take a test and bingo pregnant.
Now our beautiful daughter is here. My advice to you is try (yes I said try) not to think about it , it will happen when it's meant to happen. Getting stressed about it won't help (believe me). I wish you luck and if you need to talk just message me.

Erin - posted on 11/30/2010




Well for us I guess our theory on actively trying at first was just not using protection considering our first (accident :) ) happened after the first time without a condom ;) But with our second it took longer, about a year. But the last month I actually paid attention to the time of month I was ovulating and my next expected period and we nailed it (no pun intended). The next month I was preggers. Good thing I did keep track since we wouldn't have known how far along I was if I didn't. I was horrible at keeping track of my menstrual cycle. So bad that my girl friends knew it better than I would, I would litterally have to ask her when I had my last one! :) But you have to consider how long you were on BC and the time since you ended it. If you're on the shot it can take up to a couples years to get fertility high again, as for BC pills Im not sure. But good luck anyways! I'm looking forward to your thread on this post that says "yay! we're pregnant!" Good luck!

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