How long did you stay home after giving birth?

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in Estonia a mother can stay home with a child untill he/she is 3years old, then the health insurance stops for mom and mother has to go to work to get health insurance or be pregnant :S. my son is 9months old but already i think what will i do, do i put my child to a kindergarten when his 2years old or will i wait untill his 3. what did you do?


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I cant say much lol I have said for 3 yrs I'm going to go back to work and I'm yet to even job hunt. Guess my kids are stuck with me! lol

Jane - posted on 06/22/2010




As a rule, kids handle the separation from Mom better if you go back to work either before they're six months, or after 3 years. I would, therefore, wait until he's three. However, I've been home for 20 years now. :)

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