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I have two kids both boys one is 5 and the other is 6 months and we have been talking bout having another baby but i don't know what a good time would be to have another baby.. I don't want to wait as long as we did with our first but that really wasn't in our hands i was on depo so it took awhile..


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I have three girls, and my youngest was born a month after my oldest' third birthday, so they're all about 18 months apart in age. I'll tell you that it is tough, especially with three in diapers, but at the same time it's really nice. They love to play together, and are close enough developmentally that each activity we do with them has value for all of them. We are trying to make sure they each get individual time with us, and we're taking a note from what all the dog training books say...make sure to give the older kids lots of attention when the younger ones are awake and around...which means having kids climbing on you, leaning on you, or holding a book for you to read to them while you are trying to breast feed or the like. It's very distracting at first, but you get really good at multitasking, and if you can find a way for them to help like singing to the baby, then they don't feel left out.

So far as how you're body will feel, well it all depends. Make sure you have a good exercise regime and that you are eating well and/or taking vitamins plus extra calcium...they say that if you're not getting enough calcium your body will start taking it from your teeth and bones. The biggest problem I've had is that my back started having problems with the third pregnancy. More from the lack of stomach muscles than anything. I've explained to my older girls and get them to climb/walk most of the time while holding my hand, instead of me picking them up. You also have to be pretty strict about them listening to you, so they don't run out in the street or anything.

But given all that, I would do it again in a heartbeat. They all share a room, play together, and they are really good at sharing...we try to make sure they each have a few things that are theirs to keep to themselves or to share, with most stuff being communal. The hardest part is all the thinking my husband and I put in trying to figure out the best way to do things and make sure they all feel special, even when we are overwhelmed.

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They say it takes two years for our body to fully recover from being pregnant. If I was planning on having more, I would wait for the two year point. But, that is just me:)

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