How many Braxtox Hicks are To many During The day?


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Roberta - posted on 10/27/2009




I think you shouldn't have more than 4 braxton hicks in one hour, and that if you change positions or what you are doing (if you are lying down, go walk around, if you are sitting, stand up, etc...) your braxton hicks should settle down/stop.

if not, call your doctor.

good luck!

Nichole - posted on 10/26/2009




I was told if they were regular, got more intense, or got closer together I was to go to the hospital just to get it checked out. I started having contractions at 19 weeks and they didn't stop until my son was born at 36 weeks. I went to the hospital about once or twice a week. I never really could tell the difference between the braxton hicks and the labor contractions because both really hurt for me. Sometimes when I went to the hospital it was just braxton hicks and others it was labor. Thank goodness they could stop labor when I was too early. In my opinion if you are nervous or worried go get it checked out or at least call your doctor or the OB department of the hospital. I'll pray for you. Try not to worry too much.

Kelly - posted on 10/26/2009




I agree with Jackie - Braxton Hicks contractions don't hurt at all, you really don't feel them, it is just where your stomach gets really tight. I thought it was so funny because to poke my belly when I was having them was literally like poking the table. It would be that hard, but no pain whatsoever. With my second child, I had them alot throughout the pregnancy, and that is how my labor started with him. I had been having them all day, and they gradually that night got more and more frequent, and finally started hurting when they were happening every few minutes, and that is how I knew I was in labor. So as long as you are not having any pain, I wouldn't worry about it, but if they are hurting at all, your doctor needs to know, since you still have a few weeks to go. Good luck!!!

Jackie - posted on 10/26/2009




Remember braxton hicks do NOT hurt. I had them all the time with my first child and barely noticed them with my second child. Braxton hicks are just your uterus basically practicing for labour so there is no saying what is a normal amount. If they hurt they are NOT braxton hicks.. they are labour pains.

Laura - posted on 10/26/2009




call your doc if you have had them all day!! my friend called me the other day b/c she had them really bad and asked me what would help and i told her to get in the tub to relax and it should help with the pain that night they got even worst and she was told they were just braxton hicks then a few hours later they took her to the hospital and she was in labor and had him that mourning. this was the 16 of oct and she was due the 7 of nov. hope this helps and good luck :)

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