How many times a day should my baby be eating solids?

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He's 6 and a half months. He eats baby food, either homemade or store bought once a day usually around 5 pm. He's eaten apples, bananas, squash and had a bites of mashed potatoes. Should I be feeding him solids 3 times a day? breakfast, lunch and dinner?

He's also breastfed, so if eats 3 times a day should he also nurse each time before he eats?


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Thank you ladies! I was thinking about a breakfast and dinner with solids. so far food hasnt affected his nursing, I nurse him about an hour before we try baby food. Also I wanted to add my son is really big for 6 months. People usually think he's a one year old. at his 5 month doc visit he was 20 lbs so I'm worried about over feeding. We go for a check  up on tues and I'll ask our ped but just wanted some other moms input

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I found this website is extremly helpful in all kinds of baby food questions.  If your baby will accept solids three times a day along with breastfeeding, then you should try 3 times a day.  If 3 times a day doesn't not work for him, then I would suggest 2 times a day.  Another note is if he is breastfeeding that should be enough until he is at least 1 year old.  Check out this site for more help on this topic.  The book Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron is great too.  Good luck!

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Keep Nursing him on the same schedule you have been and once a day is just fine. The more solids you feed him the less he will want to nurse and breastfeeding is much more nutrious than solid food. Solid food just gets him ready to eat in the future. You can go to Am and Pm solid feeding when he's about 8mo.s and can encourage the occassional bitter biscuit etc.. Remember too much solid food too fast can cause digestion issues.


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I am feeding my son, 7.5 months, 3 solid meals a day and I still nurse him 6 times a day. Our scedule goes something like this :

7am: Nurse, eat baby oatmeal and a fruit

10am: Nurse

1pm: Nurse, eat fruit, veggie w/meat, baby yogurt

4pm: Nurse

7pm: Nurse, eat veggie w/meat and rice cereal

9pm: Bedtime

10pm: last nursing for the night (though we are dropping this nursing because he sleeps pretty much from 9pm to 6:30 am now)

Always nurse before he gets solids. You still have all the nutrician he needs. Also, I started my son a month early with solids due to his reflux, so we are moving onto the stage 3 foods pretty soon. I would suggest adding a lunch to his schedule, but you can always check with your pediatrician if you are curious.


Good Luck!

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