How many toys is too much?

Jennifer - posted on 01/03/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




How many toys is too much? I feel like my 2 1/2 year old son has toys that he doesn't play with much. Sometimes I want him to stay busy without watching the tv and so I encourage him to play, but he never really seems interested. H wants me to play with him or comes in the kitchen with me and gets in the way of course lol. He doesn't seem to want to color or anything either. I wonder if he just doesn't like the toys he has. Or if he doesn't have enough. I want to know what you other SAHM's do to keep your toddler busy?. He is not an only child, but his two half sisters are only with him every other weekend. He may be bored, so I get him out fairly regularly. But He just doesn't care to play a whole lot without me playing with him.


Corrina - posted on 01/03/2015




I have 4 boy's under 5 with one toy box . They each have their own interest in toys but I believe they should put their interest in first learning to share with each other. They hardly get board playing with each other or playing with the same toys. But their boy's and need to be outside playing. Also we have reading time so that removes the urge to watch TV. If he doesn't want to color or play else where turn it into a fun interactive game because it seems as if your child wants more of you and that's nothing to worry or be concerned about. He just wants to see what you can teach him from cooking or where ever you are. He just maybe going through a faze and find other things interesting. If he has to much toys he can get over welmed or board.

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