How much did you weigh b4 you got preg, full term, how long did it take to get back to ur weight ?

Rachel - posted on 02/22/2010 ( 11 moms have responded )




I was 115 lbs when I got pregnant, At full term I weighed 170 lbs and within a wk I was back to my regular weight. My hubby who says he's been pregnant for 6 yrs says that's not fair you weighed 170 lbs and within a week you lost 60lbs and I haven't lost a thing! lol!


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Ashley - posted on 02/25/2010




wow! you are lucky! :)
I weighed 124 pre-prego.
160 @ 38 wks. which was when I delivered.
Now, 10 months later and 8 wks prego.... I weigh 136.

Caitlin - posted on 02/24/2010




Before I got pregnant I was 145lbs. I would extremely sick throughout my pregnancy so I actually lost weight until about the 8th month. Giving bith I was around 160lbs and the day I left the hospital I had lost 20lbs.

Katelyn - posted on 02/23/2010




I was 113lbs when i found out i was pregnant. When I was full term i was 152 lbs and now after 6 months im down to 120lbs

Sarah - posted on 02/23/2010




Walked out in pre-preg pants? Back to weight within a week? Wish I had your genes!! I have heard there are people out there that do that- like my mother, but she only gained 8-12 pounds per pregnancy (7 total) had 5 pound babies, never carried a baby more than 36 weeks, never breastfed, and smoked 2+ packs of Cowboy killers a day the whole pregnancy.
Now me...that's a different story. I am 5'4" was 113# at the start of my first went to 156# went home at 145# at the start of my second pregnancy (7 months later) I was 133# and got to 156# again. Now almost two years after the birth of my second and final child I am 130-135# and I feel great! I think I am a smaller 130 than I was before baby 2 because I chase two toddlers all day and work out and muscle weighs more. Not breastfeeding anymore but still a full B cup (training bras-not young just small breasted- before pregnancy) and I wear a size 6, so I am happier at 130 than I was before and I feel like I look great. People are surprised that I have two kids- they wouldn't be if they saw the stretch marks...yuck!

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I was the same way with all three of my kids and I'm suspecting I'll be the same way with my fourth now. I was around 118 before I got pregnant with my first. I put on about 32 lbs, weighing around 150ish by the time I was 40 weeks. I spent two days in hospital and the day I got home I was wearing my pregnancy jeans!!! It's basically the same story with my second. My third I weighed 120, again put on just over 30 lbs, but it did take me a bit longer to fit into my pregnancy pants. Around three months...but I'm not complaining!

Laura - posted on 02/23/2010




I left the hospital in my pre-pregnancy jeans, not a problem. The problem is that now I don't walk around as much as I used to (I worked in retail, on my feet for 8.5-9 hours 5 days a week) and now weigh more than I did when I was pregnant! Obviously I'm evaluating my diet, but it's impossible to fit in as much exercise I got in while I was working :[

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Back to normal after a week??? WHAT??? Ok, with my first, I was 155 lbs pre-pregnancy. Giving birth I was 205lbs. It took a whole 11 months to fit back into my pre-pregnancy pants!! Maybe I'm the weird one here, or I just have big hips?? Anyways, I've always started my pregnancys around 155lbs. I only gained 30 lbs with my second and currently pregnant with my 3rd. Good grief, a week......

Jessica - posted on 02/23/2010




I started at 108, I think I was 130 when I delivered, and last I was weighed which was some time in august (I gave birth in June) I was 112 or so. I have no idea if I've lost those last few lbs or not because I don't have a scale at home. I think it was a combo of lucking out with my genes (my body type, I'm petite) and breastfeeding that helped me lose it quickly, however I think because of breastfeeding my appetite has been crazy too so I was hanging onto a couple extra pounds. I haven't cared much because you can't really tell lol and I am happy to breastfeed, so its fine if thats what my body needs to do to make milk for my little guy. I'm starting to wean though so we'll see what happens.

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I was 130 lbs when I got pregnant, 164 when I delivered and 3 days after I had my daughter I weighed 115lbs! But now.... Im like 140! :( But I watch 2 little boys all week so im constantly munching on snacks lol

Sheree - posted on 02/22/2010




Pre pregnancy i was 58kg, got up to 70kg at the end of the pregnancy and went straight back down to about 60kg within a week. within 4-5 weeks i was 56kg and still am 8 months later. So im now 2kg's lighter then before i started.

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