How much help and what can we as parents do to help teachers out more?


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Just ask. She will more than likely have a list for you!
When I used to teach, I had parents...
-run copies of tests and assignments on the copier
-do my bulletin boards
-make holiday gifts for each child in the class (I bought the supplies, the parent just put it all together for me)
-come on field trips (this is a biggie!)
-help at class parties
-buy supplies for class parties
-organize fundraiser
-read to the class
-help a struggling student (like a tutor)

I'm sure there is more. Teachers are incredibly busy and have a lot on their plates. (Imagine having 20+ kids in your house and having to organize activities for them 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Plus making sure they are all meeting state and national standards! It requires a TON of after school work.) It also means a lot to the kids when their parent is the one helping. I wish more parents were asking this question. Thank you!

Natasha - posted on 12/18/2009




I am currently going to school do be a teacher and just dwid an internship. The teacher said that they would appreciate more help from the parents. She said that many of her students mothers are stay at home mothers. She encourages these mothers to come into the classroom to help assist their children with learning. The teacher said that the parents do not want to be involved in the classroom because that is the teachers responsibility and the teacher needs to find out ways to make their child learn....To me thats a loud of crap...Parents need to show and interest and be involved with the students academics because if the students know that their parents care and want them to succeed then the students perform well in the classroom. I am a mother and a potential teacher and my recommendation is to be involved in the classroom. If you are not able to assist on a regular basis maybe just once a month go in on Monday and speak with the teacher and see what the lesson plans look like and what you can do to assist the teacher or your child. Also another thing that is greatly appreciated by the teachers is providing classroom supplies. I can not tell you how many students did not have supplies that I went to the store and bought the students their own set. It is upsetting when parents are not involved.

I hope this answered your question.

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