How much responsibility should I expect my husband to take for my kids ( his step kids)?

Jessica - posted on 02/16/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My kids' father is very uninvolved, and at the beginning of our marriage, my husband was very helpful with my kids, getting them off to school if needed, watching them so I could have breaks, helping with homework, entertaining them so I could cook dinner, that kind of stuff. He saw how absent their real dad was and stepped up to be there for them.

Now I am very pregnant with our first child together... and he isn't involved with my kids at all. He misses their awards ceremonies, school programs, doesn't help with anything anymore, won't even help get them to school when I have been up ALL NIGHT sick or with contractions.

Am I right to be upset? Or do I expect too much from him? Should he even be expected to do anything at all with / for my kids?


Jocelyn - posted on 02/16/2012




He is your husband, of course you should expect him to help out. It's obvious that he can, since he did before. Despite the fact that he is their step-dad he should be involved in their life just as much as they are his own (he married you and them together, a package deal). Just as he will be a part of this new child. They are all your children.

There has to be something else going on...It sounds like it's not really about the kids, this is just a side affect. I know with my husband things he used to do he doesn't anymore or he doesn't do without me mentioning. Communication is a big part to find out what is the underlying issues. This past year my husband was depressed about a family member that passed and in time it took a tole on our family until he realized and admitted it.

I would try to find a time to bring it up to your spouse to ask if there is more pressure on him or something else that is going on to help him want to be a daily part of your family. How you guys miss him. For your children now and for your new addition. Good luck mom!

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