How much should she be eating?

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My girl is 14 months old and generally has yoghurt for breakfast, custard and biscuits for lunch, and biscuits fruit or other snacks throughout the day then pasta or casserole type baby food for dinner, she also has 2-3 formula bottles (currently switching her to cows milk) throughout the day. I thought that was ok for her age but her daycare recently told me they dont think shes getting enough food, and particularly solid food ie sandwhich's. Ive tried to encourage her to eat sandwhichs etc but she just takes nibbles from them and then throws it away, shes just not that big of an eater really! Now im concerned im not giving her enough :( How much does your child at this age eat? And can you suggest any other more solid foods i can introduce to her diet?


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Lisa-Marie - posted on 06/15/2010




My 10 month old is a huge eater. He eats poridge, or toast with honey or jam, or yoghurt and some fruit for breakfast. His favourite fruit is pear and watermelon and saltanas. He has dry biscuits like saos with alittle of something on them (vegimite or cream cheese spread) for morning tea. Then a sandwhich or some pasta for lunch (I give him the multi-coloured spiral pasta as he finds it more interesting then plain) Some yogurt and rice crackers for afternoon tea and some carrot sticks with cream cheese dip and he basically eats what we do for dinner - meat and vegies. Then sometimes so custard for dessert.

As I said he is a big eater so it is probably not a normal amount for his age - every child is different - but I thought it might give you some ideas of things to try. Also my 4 year old was a fussy eater and I discovered that if I put sprinkles (like hundreds and thousands) and only a very little amount - on his sandwiches he eat it all - I would also cut off the crusts and you can also try using a cookie cutter to make a shape out of the bread to make it more exciting - hope that helps :)

Crystal - posted on 06/14/2010




she seems to be eating age one, children should be off of formula and on milk. and they should be eating enough fruits and veggies a day. i give my daughter 3 fruits a day and 1 veggie. but as long as your baby has a healthy weight, i dont see the problem. my daughter eats 1/2 of toast for breakfast, for snack a banana, for lunch 1/2 pb&j sandwich and an apple ,for snack cheese sticks,gerber puffs and banana and for dinner pasta with veggies. and she gets one maybe two servings of milk a day.

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