How much to pay a babysitter that will watch children in her home?

Jennifer - posted on 09/18/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I know there are a lot of women in this community that watch children in their home, so I figured I would ask this here. I also know each area is different, so I will try to give some info about where I live. Most people in my area that aren't certified who watch children charge $1.50-$2 an hour per child. A lot also give a discount for multiple children from the same family.

Here's my dilema. I have been a stay at home mom for over 4 years. My hubbys pay has decreased drastically from the time I stopped working outside the home til now. It has gone down so much, that we have turned to public assistance for a few things just to get through. It was never meant to be a permanent thing, just temporary until his work picked back up. Well, now there is nothing in the near future that would prove his pay will increase, so we have decided that I need to return to work. As much as I'm going to hate the hours, I have decided that I need to work an afternoon shift, because we have 4 kids. My husband goes to work about 4 in the morning, and doesn't get home til 5-6pm (he drives truck, so it isn't set hours, just whenever he gets all the loads that need hauled for the day). If I work afternoons, we will only need a sitter for 2-3 hours in the afternoon, and since our older 2 don't get off the bus til 4:30-5pm, sometimes we wouldn't even need anyone for them, just the younger two. We have asked a neighbor if she would do this for us. She is very nice, and we know we could trust our kids 100% with her and her family. Today she stopped over and told me she would like $2 an hour per child. With the younger 2, that wouldn't be so bad. If it was just them and only 3 hours, that would be $12 a day. I only have a high school diploma, and some college, so I prob won't make much more than minimum wage which is $7.70/per hour. This becomes a problem when we need all 4 watched like vacations and summer. That would cost us $8 an hour! I really want my kids to be with her, but yet I'm torn about the cost. I was thinking hopefully $5 an hour, and even possibly $6 an hour for all 4, but I can't see how it would work with $8 and hour (which would be totally under the table) when after taxes I would only be making about $6 an hour. Should I ask her to decrease her amount when she would have all 4, or would that be too offensive.


Katherine - posted on 09/18/2012




Does she know your situation? Ask her for the $6 with some kind of perk.....I don't know what off hand, maybe you can think of something? Like 2 sick days paid? Or 4 days of vacation time paid?

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