How much TV is too much for a toddler?

Jo - posted on 10/03/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




Hi, my little girl is currently 22months, when she was younger she used to go through stages of be interested in the television.

However now I feel she's watching too much , she watches children's shows for breakfast approx 1.5hrs and usually the same amount late afternoon when I watch my programs.

Just wondering what the "average" is.


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Jo - posted on 10/03/2009




Thanks so much for your replies. As I don't know many mothers it's hard to know what you should be doing, shouldn't be doing and what is "normal".

Michelle - posted on 10/03/2009




We usually have the tv on all day for background noise. My 11 month old daughter tunes in when she hears music and singing and then tunes out when the shows come on. I use these musical opportunities to dance and sing and be silly with her. I did the same with my son when he was a baby. I dont think tv is a problem as long as you are having plenty of interaction and personal time with your child. Use it to help you bond.

Brandi - posted on 10/03/2009




I try to limit my kids to 1 hour of cartoons or educational children's tv in the a.m. then as a family we love the food network, so for about 1-2 hours before bed we watch that. the rest of the day the tv is on, but not really being watched. my kids are more interested in the commercials than whatever show is on. I also know that 2 hours or less is generally recommended by nutritionists to inhibit obesity in children. (But it has been my experience that children rarely sit sedentary even if tv is on.)

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My son (2.5 years old) LOVES television. He adores Elmo, so he often has a DVD on. He's probably watching a few hours a day, just like your daughter. Sometimes he'll accept that the TV "needs a break", so I can turn it off for a little while. I also take him out of the house everyday, so he's forced to be away from the TV. Usually when the TV is on, my son is off playing with his cars. He doesn't "zone out" that often in front of the TV, he's too busy playing! I think more than anything he just likes the background noise -- something he can tune into when he wants, but otherwise just have it there.

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