How much would you pay for childcare

Ronelle - posted on 10/19/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




IF your childcare provider holds a Doctoral Degree in Clinicial Physociology, BA/Masters in Early Childhood Education, Assicate Degree in Early Childhood Education, and has a numerous of continuing education classes behind her name how much should she charge for chidren in here day care.? What would you be will to pay for your child care provider who is that qualitfy and has over 10years of experince working with children.

How much should she charge for Infants?
How much should she charge for toddlers?
How much should she charge for Preschoolers?

and why?


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Tina - posted on 10/21/2011




If you live in a big Metropolitan Area or strike it lucky you can probably expect to be paid about $500-$750 weekly as a Nanny with that kind of experience. It also depends very much on how much people are ABLE to pay you. I personally shied away from "overeducated" Nannies because I knew that what I could pay them would barely cover the interest on their student loans. :(

If you are looking to get licensed as a daycare provider - I currently pay $43/ day for my Toddler and $48/ day for my infant in the Boston Metropolitan Area and my provider has an Early Education Certificate. But you obviously don't want to price yourself out of the market - while this much education is great - if people can't afford you they will choose alternate care providers...

Michelle - posted on 10/19/2011




A lot of it actually depends on what the demand and going rates are in your community. You may live somewhere where you can charge $250 a week for infants and you may live someplace where you'll be lucky to get $75- $100 a week for an infant. While degrees and experience count for a lot (I ran preschools and before and after school programs for 10 years and have a degree in ECE) there's always a certain economic reality that trumps all of it location. It's all about how much competition you have, how much your competition is charging, and whether you live somewhere that can afford what what is being charged. Checking out the price and experise of other home day cares in the area will give you an idea of what it's worth.

Medic - posted on 10/19/2011




My daughter goes to an in home daycare and my son went there last year and for my daughter I paid 160 a week up till 18 months and now I pay 140 until she is potty trained then its 110, My son was 4 and I paid 100 a week for him and even now she will take him on school holidays for 20 a day. She does after school for 140 a month. She is highly qualified, state licensed (therefore has to have continuing education classes) and teaches a curriculum geared towards all their ages. She cooks homemade organic meals and feeds them breakfast, lunch and two snacks. They have daily themes, cook something all together once a week and go on daily walks to the park. To tell you the truth I couldn't care less what all she has education wise, what matters is how she treats my kids.

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