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My son is 10 mouth's old and he dosen't sleep thourth the night. He gose's to sleep at 10;30 and I make sure to breastfeed him till his full. Then he wake's up at 1 am, 4 am, then 7 am for the day and take's a nap at 10;30 for an hour and then one at 4 for an hour. Should I just let him take an hour nap? Or dose he wake up like that because sometime's he gose's to sleep wheil breastfeeding? Help please everyone tell's me that he should be sleeping all night.


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It's great that your still breastfeeding, but perhaps along with the before-bed breast feeding you should feet him some Rice cereal? That will stay in his stomach much longer than breast milk, and he should sleep longer. Breast feed them, then give him cereal too. Or, mix the brest milk with the cereal instead of water. After that, if he's still waking up, have you tried letting him cry? What my husband made me do with mine, was when she cried, he'd make me wait 1 minute before going in to get her. Then the next night 2 minutes, then 3.. and so on. Until the night came that I coudlnt' go in at all. I would peek at her to make sure she was safe, then go to bed and hold a pillow over my ears. lol. it didnt take long for her to sleep through the night that way. But try the cereal... he may just be hungry. or check the temp in the room too... maybe too hot/cold? Good luck hun! I know it's frustrating.

Rhea - posted on 10/15/2009




I know how you feel trust me I have a daughter that is 1 year and 10months and she is still not sleeping through the night. Maybe see if taking away his 4 in the afternoon nap will help for through out the night. My daughter gets up anywhere from between 1 to 4 times a night. I have always been told to just let them cry themselves back to sleep. I can't do that my daughter gets herself all worked up and ends up throwing up so I'm not able to leave her alone. If you are still having troubles ask your doctor about it. Every child is different so all out answers will very. I just wanted you to know that you arn't the only one with these problems.

Good Luck

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