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How often should a 2 month old eat?

Amanda - posted on 01/28/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




This is my first baby and at 2 months he wakes up every 2 1/2 to 3 hours like clockwork to eat. The ped says he should be able to sleep a majority of the night by this time. Any thoughts on how often should a 2 month old eat?


Renae - posted on 01/28/2010




Sorry, your ped is absolutely wrong. That is one of the most incorrect things I have heard a ped say. Honestly where do these people get their information on how often a 2 month old should eat! I could almost accept it if we were talking about a 3 month old, but even then... I also think some doctors are a bit "hard" on babies and want them to stop being nuisances.

By 12-14 weeks most babies sleep a 5 hour stretch usually from midnight to 5am. At this age this is called "sleeping through the night".

By 4 months most babies are feeding about twice a night.

By 6 months some babies no longer need to feed at night and can sleep an 8 hour stretch and others continue to need to feed after about 6 hours.

50% of babies continue to wake during the night for at least one feed until 12 months.

Most breast fed babies feed every 3 hours, but what your baby is doing is also perfectly normal. They continue this feeding pattern usually until they are on 3 solid meals a day when the milk feeding usually reduces. A few babies switch from 3 hours to 4 hours as they get older.

Suzie - posted on 01/28/2010




How often should a 2 month old eat? usually ever 3 hours but sometimes 4 if you can get him to go that long. my babys schedule was every 4 hours. he will tell you ( you know what i mean) when he is hungry so for now do 3 to 4 hours cuz the goal is to get him sleeping thru the nite and if you are feeding hiim every 2 hours he will want to wake up at nite try to see how he sleeps and go from there but dont let him go to long durning the day with out eating you want baby to be up and awake during the day! sorry i hope i wasnt rambling i ve gotta jet my baby is screaming and very angry at me!

Bheart - posted on 05/20/2012




Hi Amanda, sounds like your baby may need a little more solid food besides just his bottle, or nursing . My son was a very hungry little guy also. I am a grandmother of six grandchildren. And the 2 boys needed a little something to hold the hunger pains. So take a little rice ceral, mix in some formula or brest milk , very thined out. Add just a small amount of fresh bananna that you crushed up with a fork, about a teaspoon full. This is remeady that always worked. Your little guy will feel a little fuller in his tummy. And he will sleep betterr you. One of my daughters, was cranky,not sleeping well also.
We noticed she couldn't tolerate her formula, turns out she was lactous intolerant. And was put on soy formula. She then slept like a little Angel We also found other family members had same problems some were put >on goats milk back then k. I am happy to tell you they are all health and very happy today!!!!! Wrapping your child up snuggly in a receiving blanket with hands down on the sides of their body tends to calm a child 2which helps them sleep better. They feel held. And secure. Always feed your bab y on his telling you hes hungry. Those Drs. aren't in your home,with all their feeding programs!!!!!When your baby only needs you to depend on. Babies are our joys , a very loving Grandma Linda.

[deleted account]

LOL! The ped says?? doctor said the same thing to me! You just have to remember that EVERY child is different and there is no right or wrong! It's hard sometimes, but, as a new mom you need to learn to trust ur instincts! That bein said, ur son is completely normal! The longest stretch my now 16 month old daughter slept at that age was 4-5 on a good night, but she was typically feeding every couple hours during the day and at least twice from midnight to 6am! Are you breastfeeding or formula feeding? I breast fed for the first 6 months and it wasn't until I started my daughter on formula, as well as starting solids that she started sleepin for longer periods of time! In my experience I've found that formula fed babies tend to sleep longer but there's no ryhme or reason to any childs sleeping pattern........if he's happy and healthy it's a good day! Good luck, take care

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