how to be not depressed or screaming all day?


Amanda - posted on 12/25/2012




Do you get any time to yourself? Is there anything you can do outside of the house that will help get your child's energy out? Do you have a support network, anyone you can talk to?

When your child does something that drives you up the wall, take a moment away from the situation to get your thoughts together. Expressing anger is habit forming, the more you allow it free reign the more it builds. I know this sounds backwards, you would think getting your anger out would be relieving, but the only way to feel better is to do what you can to control yourself and your reactions. As for being depressed there were a lot of factors in my own depression. There was the downward cycle of thoughts that I had to learn to let go of; there was my food intake (aspartame in particular is a big trigger for me); and for me there was learning a new thought process for when I was depressed. (For me this involved daily rituals that had me confront the things in my life worth being grateful for, which helped to take my mind off of the thoughts bringing me down. And also helped me learn to see daily life as something besides the same mundane routine every day.) As you can tell overcoming depression is a very personal journey, I hope this helps you a little.

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