How to challange my advanced 1 yr old.

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I know it sounds crazy. I'm a Mother of 3 I should know what to do with a 1 yr old! Minus the talking which is also starting to become advanced my son is testing the limits of excelling for his age!

My son was 8 months old when he started cruising, 9 months old walking, 10 months old running. At 8 1/2 close to 9 months he could tell me "no" when I ask him a question by shaking his head. He also can do some sign lanuage for "more", "finished" & "milk". At 10 months old he started stacking blocks in sets on 4 before knocking them down. At 11 months he will hold something up and say "up"

My daughters where always right on with everything so I didnt have to worry about challenging them. With having two sisters who are 20months & 44 months older then him he is picking things up alot faster. How do I positivly encourage this and what should I start him on next?


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Out side of the walking he is right on par with where my 22 month old daughter was. Just let him be a baby, don't push him. My daughter has just started doing whatever it is her brother is doing and he is 40 months older than her.

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