how to deal with bad behavior?

Aimee - posted on 01/21/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




both of my kids have become SO difficult! and nothing seems to work, and what does work doesnt last long... I know it has alot to do with their ages(2 and 4) but somethings got to give. any advice on what works for you and things to try would be great! my son screams until he gets what he wants, he has no patients and no mater how many times i tell them NO or to stop they just look at me and keep doing it, even after getting in trouble for it. does anyone else have this problem??


Kay - posted on 01/21/2012




Well, the 2 yr. old is being a 2 yr old and you need to deal with the tantrums by not giving in to them. This will be more effective if you separate the 4 yr. old from her sibling.Perhaps you can take her out for some special time with Mom. She is old enough to be reasoned with. Tell her what a big girl she is. If the kids are playing well together then fine but if they stop listening, separate them immediately. They both can go to time out in different places. Tell them separately what you expect. They will learn that they have to listen to you or no more fun! Be consistent, correct bad behavior right away and praise them when they are doing what they are told and you all will have a better day. Best wishes

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