how to deal with my husband?

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My relationship with my husband is very good. Now with our newborn baby the things are getting rough. he said that I am not letting him do anything with the baby but my point is that when the baby needs to be change or feed my husband just continue looking tv or his phone to continue sitting down doesn't matter how the baby is doing.

And he think I am jealous.


Jodi - posted on 10/04/2013




Do you actually ask him to change or feed the baby, or are you assuming that he will just do it if he wanted to? What may seem obvious to us (the baby needs changing or feeding) may not be quite so obvious and he may need to be prompted by you ("Honey, could you change the baby and then give him a bottle"). Honestly, my husband is the biggest helper in the world around the house, but sometimes I do actually have to point out to him what needs to be done, he doesn't always take the initiative when needed.

Alison - posted on 10/03/2013




Maybe he feels like he can't do much or doesn't know how to help. Prepare a bottle if you're using or supplementing with formula and hand the baby off to him. Also, you could have him watch the baby while you go for a walk or to the mall or something to encourage him to take more responsibility. Bring his attention to cute things the baby does--you could also get really busy when you start hearing the baby fuss so your hands are full and you can tell him you really need him to grab the baby. :O) You could also pick a decent moment to tell him how you feel--that it's so exciting you created a new life together and you wish he'd pay more attention to your baby and nurturing your relationship as husband and wife instead of so much time on electronics. Also, plan dates with him away from your baby if you can.

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