how to discipline an 18 month old? (at my wits end)

Jay - posted on 04/05/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




For the past 2 weeks, my baby has been throwing temper tantrums left and right. Her tantrums are only getting worse.

She slaps me when I pick her up, kicks me, flails her arms, bites me, yells at the top of her lungs, & makes her body go limp like jello. Sometimes she goes out of her way (say I'm in the kitchen & she's playing closeby in the dining room) to come up to me to hit my leg after I tell her "no" from afar.

I've somewhat become a prisoner in my own home as I am afraid of her acting out while in public.

All of this, and she is only 18 months old.

I feel like a failure of a mom because I can't control my own child. I almost feel like I've been sucker punched since this behavior really came out of nowhere.

I don't want to spank/physically discipline her, but it feels like that's the only way to handle this. 

Please help. :( I don't know what else to do.

I am a first time mom. My husband works the graveyard shift and sleeps for most of the day.


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Kris - posted on 04/05/2014




Ignore! When she's throwing a tantrum say "come let me know when you're feeling better" and walk away. As far as hitting/biting, I would def do timeouts! buckle her into her highchair or whatever and say "You are sitting in time out for ____. You can get down in two minutes." (General rule is a minute for every year and don't engage with her while she's in time out) Always calmly and simply explain what you're doing and why then stick to it! Consistency is huge.

Jodi - posted on 04/05/2014




Ignore her tantrums. Stop picking her up, stop paying any attention at all until she calms down. Once she calms down, THEN give her the attention and make it clear she will only get attention when she is calm.

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