How to entertain kids inside at my daughter's first birthday??

Jessica - posted on 12/07/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My daughter's first birthday is coming up in March. Not knowing what the weather will be like I have to plan for an indoor party. I know that the party is mostly for adults but I will have kids there also ages 1-3. So how do I keep them entertain????


Kris - posted on 12/07/2012




With a 1 yo, what CAN'T u do? lol When my daughter turned.....4 I think it was, she didn't really have friends, but the in laws came over to our house to find i had the couch tipped over, the couch cushions leaning on each other like cards, a queen sized bed sheet tied from the ceiling, and a bag of candy hanging from the ceiling fan. They all looked at me like I had completely lost my mind. Then, when my daughter popped her head out from under the couch, they realized I made a tunnel maze for her to figure out. I would put pieces of her favorite snack on a paper towel when she found the right way, which was basically a straight line, but she didn't know that lol, as kind of a reward for getting it right. and the bag of candy was about 6 inches higher then her, and we told her she had to build a step ladder to get it.....she figured out how to do it with the couch cushions. We taught her the balloon on the hair gag, and we all let her run around "duck duck goose" style, frizzing out our hair. We had those foam nerf ball thingies, they're made out of the same stuff as the really cheap sponges, and we started throwing them at each other. She's a smart little turd.....she hid behind the couch and was giggling at all of us throwing them around, and not one time did she grab one and throw it back.

You can also play, or try to play, hide-n-seek. tell them that if you can't find them, they get a prize. Then when you go to seek, don't find them. I used to walk around and read a book or play with my hair and make sounds like "hhmmmmmmmmmmm, where is that girl? I'm gonna find you! I'm better at this then you, I'm gonna getcha!" once in a while, I'd pick something up, or move something and shout "ah-ha!" or "GOTCHA!", but I knew where she was, cause I could see her as plain as I'm looking at this monitor lol. Get some of that coloring paper that's in the giant roll, that you can lay out, and let them draw on that. Or get some paper pieces and they can throw confetti.

I let my son feed me once. I gave him some grapes, and he got the biggest kick out of it. But you have to be careful with that idea......he accidently put too many in my mouth and I kinda choked a bit lol. So close your mouth every time they put food in, so they won't be tempted to give you too much. After all, you don't want to scare them into not letting you feed them lol

Or you could do a common thing where I live. Get a cheap table cloth and set it in front of the tv with some big bowls of popcorn and pop a movie in lol. Keep it a short one though, like a tv show dvd, where it has only 15 minute episodes. 1 yo will probly lose interest after the first episode lol

There's so much you can do to entertain kids under 5. They're kind of like ferrets; they're fast, sneaky, take stuff when you're not looking and try to hide it, and they're attracted to shiny and soft object LOL

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