How to get my almost 9 month old baby girl to get her own dummy while sleeping?

Anna - posted on 04/20/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




Hi there,

My baby girl is almost 9 months old and will not find her dummy at night while sleeping once it has fallen out of her mouth. I find myself getting up to her at least 6 times a night to give her the dummy, if i leave her to try and find it she wont she will just wake up crying and wont go back down again for a few hours. And because of this she still sleeps in my room. I find it much easier to get up to her in there rather than walking all the way to her room.

Does anyone have any suggestions??

I am really hoping she can find the dummy herself so that i can put her in her room and get a good nights sleep..

Thanks.. =)


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Anna - posted on 04/22/2010




Hi ladies,
Thank you all for your comments. I would like to get her off the dummy altogether but she has to have it all the time. She is cheeky because when she is playing during the day sitting up and her dummy falls out she will grab it and put it back in her mouth.
I did put 5 dummys in bed with her last night and gave her an extra feed before bed and she old woke me once, which was great. I tryed doing the same tonight and fingers crossed she does the same..
If all goes well i will put her in her room by the end of the wknd.
Thank you all for your comments, you have all been very helpful..
Anna.. =)

Heidi - posted on 04/21/2010




Hi, i had the same problem with my last and it went on so long that i was not getting any sleep just waiting for it to fall out again, in the end we had to throw it away and put up with it for about 2 weeks. That was ok it's not like i slept before anyway. After that he slept all night and i wondered why i didnt do it earlier.

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I finally had to put my son in his crib and let him cry for a couple nights...most likely she probably knows that if she doesn't pick it up and put it back in her mouth you will. I started with 30 minutes of crying...but that all depends on how much you can withstand. Within a few days my husband and I were sleeping with no baby in between us and my son slept just fine...I learned my lesson with the next two boys...straight to their cribs from the beginning. :) hope that was helpful

Donna - posted on 04/21/2010




Anna - I have nothing against dummys (we use one too).... but I'm thinking that maybe it might be worth getting her out of the habit of using the dummy instead of teaching her to get it back in herself. It would take a few sleepless nights, I'm sure, but could be worth it in the end.



Louise - posted on 04/20/2010




First of all bite the bullet and move your daughter into her own space. Make her room as dark as possible for sleep. When you put her to sleep place three or four dummies around her within easy reach. At nine months she may not have the coordination to put the dummy into her mouth by herself. Let her have like a fleecy blanket to snuggle into for self assurance and see what happens. I am afraid only time will tell. Don't leave her in your room to much longer as you will have hell of a job getting her to sleep in her own room the older she gets. Most babies do not sleep with a dummy in their mouths for the entire night so may be there is something else that is causing her to wake. Is she warm enough or hungry maybe. Try a snack before bed and an extra thin blanket and see if this makes any improvement. Good luck! x

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