How to get rid of Fleas?

Tiffanie - posted on 06/24/2009 ( 12 moms have responded )




I have done verything that I can think of to get rid of these things. I have washed everything, Sprayed everything even washed the animals. I got them out of every room exept my daughter's they refuse to leave. Theres non in the livingroom non in the other bedrooms just hers. The house is spottless and I vacumm but nothing works. We are going to be ripping up the carpets gradually over the summer. In the meantime I need some ideas to get rid of these things.


Liz - posted on 07/07/2009




The flea life cycle is about 4 weeks, so the pets should be treated every month with a product like Frontline for a least 3 months and you can continue it after that as a preventative. Environment needs to be treated as well with a premise spray(follow product instructions), any vacuum canisters/bags need to be taken out right away, bedding washed in a hot as water as possible. Only 5% of the flea population are adults, so you may have many eggs and larvae hiding in your carpets and bedding that you can't even see until they hatch a month later. That's why it is important to treat for months and continue to prevent them. imo, the flea bath is a waste of time, it only kills the fleas on the pet temporarily, so is treating the yard, if you have a product like frontline on your pet the fleas will not make it back into your house. Frontline is more effective and will work better if the pets are not given a bath. I have been a certified veterinary technician for 10 years. If you need more help, call or go in and ask to talk to a tech at your vet's office. You won't be charged for the vet's time and will probably get the same advise! Hopefully they will have all the products you need right there and can get you set up.

Kate CP - posted on 06/28/2009




How to get rid of fleas: get a flea collar and put it in your vacuum bag or canister if you have a bagless. Vacuum every day. Treat the yard with SEVEN Dust or Adams flea and tick yard spray. Toss ALL pet beds and clothing if the problem is that bad. Bathe dogs with a flea and tick shampoo AND DO NOT USE HARTZ OR SARGEANTS. IT WILL KILL YOUR DOG OR CAT. Adams is a good brand and so is Frontline. After bathing you have to wait at least 24 hours to apply any kind of topical flea and tick preventative. Re-treat every 30 days.

Depending on where you live you may have a REALLY hard time with fleas this year because it's been so dang hot. Usually a good freeze over the winter helps to keep numbers in check but if you haven't had a strong winter in your area then you may have a hard time with it. The key is to treat the yard. Good luck and let me know if you have any other questions. I've been working with animals for over 12 years. :)


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Kathleen - posted on 07/08/2009




maybe you should move your daughter out of her room for a few days and let off a flea bomb in there. about 2 years ago my cat had kittens and there were fleas EVERYWHERE in the end we just had to use the flea bombs and make sure you vacumme all the time. treat your pets regulary and you might need to buy your daughter another mattress for her bed. this is what i had to do! and just make sure you wash all her toys and bedding etc anything that a flea would like even curtains!... i know fleas are soooo annoying! and so hard to get rid of but maybe some of this can help a little

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I always use carpet powder, that kills fleas, you powder the rug, leave it on for a while, then vacuum. It makes a mess of your vacuum, and takes a couple vacuumings go get up, but it has always worked for me. You can get it at walmart or target, find it in the pet section.

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Call the vet and ask them what they have there to kill the fleas. It will cost more, but it's worth it!!! You will need to spend the day out of the house when you spray, but just the piece of mind that the fleas are worth it! Good luck and I hope you can get rid of them soon.

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We use Comfortis with our dogs and never have a problem. It's a pill that they take once a month you don't have to worry about the little ones touching it and any fleas they come in contact with die. I would give it to the pet and let it sleep in daughters room a few nights? As long as it's not a cat of course. Hope this helps.

Jocelyn - posted on 06/24/2009




i heard that fleas don't like icing sugar...maybe sprinkle that around her room (if you don't have an ant problem as well!)

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GGet some Advantage or Frontline topical from the vets, once the topical is applied the fleas will die, it's more expensive then store stuff but it works. then make sure as you vacuum you empty out the canister or change the bag after each use. The flea shampoo is really drying and irritating to your pets skin so be careful. Talk the staff at your vets, that's what they're there for. Make sure you do the topical for at least 3 months straight, that's a life cycle for a flea (I think). You really should even consider using the topical from April until the winter, after a few good frosts. Good Luck.

Abby - posted on 06/24/2009




where did u get the spray from, cos if u get it from the vets it really should work, i bought one from the vets was around £16 but it worked a treat! maybe try one from there if u havent already!

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