How to handle hyper boy

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Anujvanjani 10 yes very restless n always inclined towards concentration towards studies...


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You don't give much information in your post, but I hope this helps. Firstly, has your child been assessed by an occupational therapist, educational psychologist etc. If you can in any way afford this it is a good starting point. If money is a challenge contact your son's school to see what services they can offer or recommend. Secondly, communicate with your child's teachers at school regularly.I was a teacher for many years and parents who show an interest are such a help and encouragement as teachers then have a better idea of how to handle a learner and can also advise on where the leaner is struggling and suggest things the parent can do at home to help. If your son has serious attention issues he will respond well to structured routine with the same thing happening at roughly the same time every day. Don't take away the opportunities to do the sports and activities he loves as these are the things that motivate him. Rather use them as rewards. also, it is unrealistic to expect him to concentrate for long periods on homework and studies. Help him to break his work into small manageable chunks say 15-20 min with breaks for physical activity in between. You will have to do this for him initially e.g. do these 4 sums, call me to check them, then you can have a break/ read these 2 pages, I'll come back in 5 min and ask you questions about them, then you'll do 2 more pages then you can have a break. It takes some input and discipline from you as well but you will be teaching your son a valuable skill in the process. Good luck!

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