how to make husband agree to one child?

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I stay at home with my daughter and have a hell of a time. She is 21 months old and screams a lot, or tries to get her way all the time. She never was an easy infant either.
Everyone told me the older she gets the more I would ease into the idea of having another, but it's the opposite. I am truly amazed by moms doing this more than once but I feel it isn't for me. One is more than enough. My husband though is now wanting another one real bad. How do I get him to see my point of view? First I was thinking another because it was expected of me but now I don't think it's fair to me or my daughter since sometimes she stresses me out really good. I am happy with her even though she drives me up the walls through out the day, I just don't have the need to do it again. I love the freedom I am getting back and how much stuff I can do with her now. I am the primary care giver and would be again to another. I just don't know how to get him to agree since he has been bit by the baby bug again.


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Haha well for most dads who aren't stay at home, they do not understand the stresses that the babies can cause us mommas during the day. My only suggestion to really get your point across is to set up a daddy-daughter day where your husband has to take on all the tasks that you normally do in a day while you go out and do some sort or adult mom thing. But he has to handle all the day things that you do, including cleaning, cooking, feeding, and anything else. Maybe after he deals with the little one by himself he will understand that it is a lot more work than he had any idea of. I know I occasionally have to do this to my husband because he thinks his little girl (18 months) is not as hard to handle as I say she is. I always get apology's! haha Good Luck


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I was joking to my brother about going away for the night. dh works evenings and doesn't get off until midnight. So I was "planning" leaving when he goes for work and not coming home until the time he would get up the next day :p

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