How to make lil one drink fruit juice?????

SukanyaG - posted on 10/01/2013 ( 4 moms have responded )




Hi Mommzzz , Iam mother of 1.6yr old baby girl, she loves to eat dishes with sprinkle of sugar or jaggery, bt i tryd adding sugar,honey etc in fruit juice nothing worked out, please help me in making her take juice. she is in weaning stage now.


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Jodi - posted on 10/08/2013




Why do you feel she has to drink fruit juice? Water and milk would be fine. In fact, I would strongly discourage you from making it a big deal that she must drink fruit juice. it is totally unnecessary.

You also should stop adding sugar to her food. That is not good for her - it is not only bad for her teeth but could also set her up for the potential to develop diabetes. It is also absolutely unnecessary.

Ann - posted on 10/07/2013




Try not to give her a lot of sugary fruit juice but if you want to try and introduce juice to her, really water it down at first so its like faint fruity water. My daughters loved that and in time was able to give them just juice but to this day my daughters love watered down juice :)

Michelle - posted on 10/01/2013




I agree with Kelly, your child doesn't NEED juice, they need either water or milk. You also don't need to add sugar to anything, all you are doing is setting her up for a life of battling her weight. You should be promoting vegetables and savory foods first, not sugary sweet things.

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She does not need fruit juice, it has too much added sugar and very little nutritional value. Instead, just give her plain water or milk in a cup and let her get most of her nutritional needs from solid foods.

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