How to potty train my 19 month old, shes afraid to pee on the potty?

Ashley - posted on 11/17/2011 ( 10 moms have responded )




I recently started potty training my 19 month old daughter. I have been using the sticker chart method, she has no problem sitting on the potty but as soon as she feels herself about to go she will stand up crying and pee/poop on the floor within minutes.

I try to use as much positive reinforcment as possible but it doesnt seem to be helping. Ive also switched her to cotton training pants in hopes that she wont like how they feel when dirty and WANT to go on the potty.

Any tips on what I can do to help her? Thanks!!


Katherine - posted on 11/17/2011




Does she have a special potty seat? IMO 19 months is way to young to be potty training, but I don't know your child, so I don't know if she's ready.
Maybe if you went to the store and let her pick out a "special" potty seat that would help.
This is the checklist for signs of readiness:

Mary - posted on 11/18/2011




Wow my 19 mo old does the same thing she wants to sit on the potty and loves to sit on the potty. She has gone poo on the potty twice and it's only when she starts to go pee that she wants off the pot screeming and crying

Medic - posted on 11/17/2011




Stop trying to force it and wait till she is ready. Kids just need to be totally ready on their own. She is only 19 months old, my daughter is almost 22 months and is not even trained yet. We let her sit on it when she wants but she is not showing being totally ready for it yet, if done when kids are ready is should only take a few days to a week not an extended amount of time.


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Ashley - posted on 11/21/2011




i dont feel like im forcing her, I ask her if she wants to sit on the potty.. if she says no (which is usually her answer to EVERYTHING lol) then I simply say, "well if you want a sticker you have to sit and go pee pee on the potty".. then she happily sits and says yay & claps... its not until she starts to pee that she freaks out.. weve have 3 pees & 1 poop in the potty .. lots of accidents but shes very proud when she does go in the potty & sees her sticker book!

Selina - posted on 11/19/2011




Yeah i agree dnt push it may not be ready i tried with my daughter know 2.5 yrs cple months ago she would sit on it then cry to get off then do it on floor so i stop about 3wks ago tried again and got it in a few days no accidents duren the day still in nappies for nap and nite time but got another bub due in a week n not goin to push sleep time yet shel do it wen ready shes always dry after a nap and sumtimes after nite but there not as wet as b4

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19 months? My advice is... stop. I started potty training my twins at 18 months. It took over a year before they were day trained and another year and a half before they STARTED being night trained.

I didn't put any effort whatsoever into potty training my son and he was 100% day and night trained at the same age as his sisters were finally day trained.

SOME kids may be ready before 2, but if she is resisting at all... she's not ready and you are fightig a battle that is NOT worth fighting.

Tamyra - posted on 11/18/2011




I tried to force my first child and it really backfired on me. He was so afraid of the potty it took me forever. With my 2nd I didn't rush her and she was trained in about 3 months. Now 13 years later I am preparing to potty train for the 3rd time. I am at home this time and I will not rush her, but will introduce her to the potty very soon. I think we have to go with the child. I know society tells us to have them trained by a certain age, but if you push to hard it can backfire. I do like the sticker chart and I think if she likes to sit on the potty that is a good start. Maybe let her sit on it throughout the day and one day she will go without fear. Have you tried to give her a book when she sits to occupy her. Hope this helps. Good Luck

Lady Heather - posted on 11/18/2011




Yeah, I would wait. My daughter has gone from screaming when you mention "potty" to sitting on it happily but basically doing what your daughter does. She is 29 months now. I expect she will be fully ready in 2-3 months. Yeah, it's later than average. Not hurting anything though. I just change a looooot of diapers.

I would just follow what she is comfortable with for now and be glad she likes her potty.

Ashley - posted on 11/18/2011




She defanitly shows all signs of being ready, wakes up dry, tells me when shes wet or dirty, tries to take her diaper off if its dirty, likes to flush the potty when i go etc.. we went out & let her pick out her potty, it sings and she loves it.. but i think shes more afraid of the act of using the bathroom (not in a diaper) more so than the actual potty. because she loves to sit on it & asks in the mornings for her "pot" (potty lol)

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