How to prevent your child from becoming a 'biter'?

*Lisa* - posted on 05/03/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




I've often worried that my child will become one of those 'biters' that bite other children. I've seen a few posts already from mothers of kids who have been bitten. Does anyone have any suggestions or experience in how to prevent your son becoming a 'biter'?


Gina - posted on 05/06/2010




My 5yr old doesn't bite others,just me in anger. And not all the time,just in rare situations...ok,so I don't condone hitting,but in my case,I have to use the threat of a smack on the mouth when I see that thought in her eyes.Ya know, IF YOU BITE ME I WILL POP YOU IN THE MOUTH ,BECAUSE WE DON'T BITE PEOPLE. Most times just saying that to her will stop it,but in those rare occasions that she still bites,i will follow thru with what I said,and then put her in time out for 5 mins.

After the time out,I sit down with her and remind her why she got popped and tell her that biteing me hurt my body and my feelings,and reiterate that WE DON'T BITE!

Now,let me be clear that I don't hit her unless all else has failed ,and it's never to hurt her, It's just a tap on the mouth to get her attention.


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Elyssa - posted on 05/07/2010




I nannied for a 4 year old boy who was a biter, he bit for fun, or out of anger. One day he bit me and he drew blood. I sat him down and showed him what biting does, and that it didn't feel good. I told him that he needed to only use his teeth for chewing his food, and that since I wasn't his food he shouldn't bit me. When he saw the blood he went into a kind of panic, then started crying. He never bit me again. My son thought that biting was some kind of game. I screamed when he bit me and it scared him. then I put him in time out and after time out I explained to him that what he did was not nice, that we don't bite, that our teeth are used for chewing food not people. He doesn't really bite anymore, and he's about 2, the only time when he sort of bites is when he is teething and even then I think it's more of an accident than him thinking "oh hey, I'm going to bite mommy." the one thing you should NEVER EVER EVER do is bite your child back. That would only encourage it, and teach them that it IS okay to bite! I don't know how helpful this is, but hopefully you got something out of it!

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