How to relive newborn constipation?

Maria - posted on 04/30/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




My son is 5 weeks old. And has not had a BM in two days...the last one was hard, dry and pebble like. He cries alot and strains while trying to poop.


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Stephanie - posted on 08/12/2016




Are you breastfeeding dear? If so, what are you eating? This might be an issue that could be easily fixed. If not you need to add some veggies into his diet slowly. I have an easy way to do this....I'd love to share with you. I wish I would have known this when my son was first born but I know many new moms that are giving this to their newborns and they are healthy and happy and beautiful bowel movements to boot. Shoot me a message if you'd like to hear my story.

Theresa - posted on 04/30/2011




My doc told me pear juice, 1 oz a day. It worked well for him, but if I stopped for even one day he was back to constipated. He didn't out grow it until about 10 months.

Mel - posted on 04/30/2011




Hi Maria, my daughters both had bad constipation one is currently on a laxative and is 9 months now, but as newborns we used coloxyl drops, sugar water (just a tea spoon of brown sugar should do it with warm water) and 60 mills (2ounces) of water mixed iwth 60 mills prune juice per day should for most babies produce a soft BM. For my girls I just added the sugar to the prune juice as well since the prunce juice didnt work. Use vaseline or nappy cream every napy changewith a cotton tip so they dont tear themsef trying to go. Warm bath. Lower tummy massage in a clockwise motion. Suppositoires if it gets to a bad point but most of these things work. If its a regular thing the best solution is to add extra water betweeb feed or direct before a feed if he wont drink it, or the prune juice until hes able to go then slowly reduce the amounts eachday of what you use. You can also use lactulose (if its available there Im in australia)

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