how to start a 2yr on potty training

Cassandra - posted on 06/10/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




I am just not sure how to start him out on using the potty chair if you have any pointers for me please let me know.


Louise - posted on 06/10/2010




If your son is sowing signs that he is ready to potty train then go for it but this is still very young. I never had a potty I put both my boys straight on the toilet with a toilet seat and step. They then new from day one that this was the place to do it and nowhere else. You start by putting your child in pants not pull ups so they learn the sensation of being wet and dirty. You then take them to the toilet every half an hour until they have had a wee then you wait an hour and take them every half an hour again asking all the time do you want a wee wee. For the first three days this is hit and miss but you should see an improvement on day 4. If your child is not ready all this will do is stress him out. After 7 days you should see fewer accidents. Just ignore the accidents and praise the successes. Good luck


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Deanna - posted on 06/12/2010




Only start if he is showing signs (knows when he is going or about to go, interested in others using the potty). Never force the issue!!!! Also, like others have said, don't use pull-ups, they are just like diapers. Go straight to underwear. If you can, with warmer weather keep the least amount of clothing on your son. Take a potty everywhere once you start. I did and when a potty was needed it was there (and not a germ infested public one).

Good luck!!

Ali - posted on 06/11/2010




My first son was potty-trained before he turned two because another was on the way! I decided I would not have two in diapers. I started him on the "big" potty, never used a potty chair, and he took to it right away. We never put him in pull-ups. I didn't see the point and besides they're expensive. I started my second at about 16-months, but he had absolutely NO interest. I pushed the subject for several months... occasionally he would do it for M-n-Ms, but not always. He just had no desire to go on the potty. I finally decided to drop the subject completely. I thought to myself I'll try again in three months, but until then I won't mention it at all. On the third day after dropping the subject I found him sitting on the potty. When he was done he asked for underwear instead of a diaper and that was it. He never used a diaper again. No pull-ups either. He just had to do it on his own terms. But, I wouldn't stress too much. Every kid is different when it comes to potty training. All you can really do is introduce him to the idea and go from there. Take his lead. Have a HUGE "potty party" the first several times he goes. Balloons, candy, a silly song and dance. Make it so fun! Kids love that kind of response from Mom, Dad and siblings. He'll be encouraged and want to do it again. Eventually the party slips away, but by that time he's got it down pat. Good luck!

Medic - posted on 06/11/2010




I started my son a little before he turned 2 and it wasn't by his choice at all, he was changing his own pullups so I was done with it. We got him underwear and just made him go sit every 30 min or so and in about a weeks time he was potty trained. Then it took another few weeks to get him to understand that other people and places have potties too.

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My daughter was interested in using the potty at 10 months old. Her cousin did and she wanted I was realistic! I bought her a potty and kept it in the living room (where she plays). Now she is 21 months. She runs around mostly nude and uses it successfully 98% of the time. Once she really wanted to use it, I had her try every 30-45 minutes. She also likes to dump it out in the toilet, so I make a big deal of it...clapping/dancing/singing/I'm so proud of you. SHe doesnt use stickers or a chart. She loves the attention.

Erin - posted on 06/11/2010




i agree with Louise, go straight to undies and use the regular toilet with a small seat. pull ups feel like a diaper so kids know they don't have to stop what they are doing to pee, although i like to keep a pac around for night time and long car rides for a couple of months. as for the toilet, if you use the regular one with a seat then you don't have to reintroduce it later on, and it will make it easier when you are in public if your child is already comfortable with the big toilet, you also won't be tempted to move it out in the open or in front of the tv and have your LO sit. lots of praise when there is succcess is very important. when you get your potty seat, wether its a full potty or the one you put on the toilet, give it to your LO, explain what it is and let them play with it, or practice puting it on and off the toilet, to get used to it and know its not scarey. let him see you on the pot so he knows what its for too. good luck

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