How to start putting kids to bed at the same time?>

Stacy - posted on 08/26/2009 ( 7 moms have responded )




i have a almost 4 year ols and a 1 year old i need some suggestions on the best way to put them to bed at the same time in the same room. they have been put to bed and naps seperatley since the baby was born due to issues with baby stomach so he was disturbed easily. Both kids i read a book and sing songs and then put them in their beds but i do it seperatley every day and night. i dont know if anyone has a suggestion on the best way?


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I have four boys, and a little girl on the way, we put them all down at 8 pm on the dot no exceptions ( of course they get to watch a movie until nine, on fridays) the three oldest sleep in the same room, which is a big help. Having a large room and bunk beds makes it a much easier task. We also have them all brush their teeth at the same time, eat, do their chores (pick up toys and such), and even do homework at the same time. When they all get to do the same things together, they feel more grown up and important. HTH.

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Unite story time. I used to sit on my eldest's bed with my young one on my lap and read a story for the 2 of them. Once story was finished I put the little one into his bed and do the kissing and good nights to each and leave the room. It might take a few nights but eventually they will get used to it. Don't make a big fuss over it and they won't too. Osnat


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Abigail - posted on 07/21/2013




I have a 6 year old boy.He like to go to bed late.and I have an 11year old to that like to,go to bed late..

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We have a 3.5 yr old and 1.5 yr old twins. We put the twins down first and then spend a little quality time with our 3.5 yr old doing something "special" like a quiet game that has pieces that are too small to pull out with the younger ones. That is a special time for us to bond with her. Plus she doesn't need as much sleep as her sisters do, and they get to sleep before she comes in the room. When they were younger, we would put them all down together after a story b/c the oldest needed the rest.

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I am assuming that your 1 yr old is still in a crib?.... My boys are closer in age than your 2, and what I did with my 3yr old and 2yr old is I put them in the bed together...Jacob was 2 at the time and Joseph was around 18 months, it took several nights of laying in the room and flip flopping sides on the bed to get them both to sleep.. I am not so sure what to say if one child goes into the crib and the other in a bed...My childrens rooms are really close and singing and reading sometimes disturbes Joshua(13 months), so I put him to bed about 15 minutes before Jacob and Joseph, so that he has time to be asleep and I can quietly put the other two to bed and softly sing to them...For you maybe with one child being four you could put that child to bed first and do the tucking in and story and let that child know since they are older to stay quiet for baby... Hope this gives you some ideas to think about...( I have a gate at the boys door, just so ya know, I was worried about Josephs age sleeping in a big boy bed, just wanted to note that incase any one was thinking I might be CRAZY....LOL)

Samantha - posted on 08/26/2009




Be consistant and do things (story and song) together. Keep a routine!!!!

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