How to stop 5am wakeups?

Nattyjump - posted on 03/20/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




My daughter Acacia is 13months old and is waking up between 4.45am - 5.00am. She goes down to bed at 7am and has two day naps, one around 9am for approx 30mins and one around 12.30-1.00pm for approx 1hr. Do I need to change her day sleeps in order for her to sleep better at night? Or maybe hav a 3rd nap in the arvo just for half an hour. I personally think she is still tired (which is possibly why she's waking so early). I often put her to bed at 6.45pm because she just can't last any longer but she still wakes at the same time.


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Jamie - posted on 03/20/2010




try switching to one nap during the day, preferably after lunch. i worked in a daycare, and parents always told me that once there babies switched into to toddler room (they switched from napping basically whenever they wanted in the infant room, to a strict schedule in the toddler room) they slept much better at home.

Kim - posted on 03/20/2010




Some kids just wake that early. My kids woke then to nurse and would go back to sleep. They woke so often that i still wake at that time. They did and I do go back to sleep though. I would try having her 2nd nap later, my kids usually went down around 11 for a few hrs then again around 4:30 or so for a short nap, then they could make it until 8 or 9pm, and get up for the day around 8am. It would probably take her a few days to get used to a different schedule and she will be fussy, as it is my daughter stopped taking naps most of the time but sometimes she gets fussy and falls asleep earlier. good luck!

Selina - posted on 03/20/2010




I really feel for you... but as you say if she's tired then what can you do...

My daughter used to go to sleep around 10pm but we live in Spain so this is usual here... so I was always lucky as she slept till 8ish... am....

she used to have a nap in the afternoon also for around 2 hours...

But we're all different... I hope you work it out....xx

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