How to take care of 5 month old active twin boys alone?

Ayman - posted on 07/30/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi Twin Mommies,

I have been one of the lucky twin moms to have my parents helping me for the first five months with the boys - they flew in just to help. Now that the boys are about to turn five months, my parents are going back home. I am a bit nervous as to how to do this all alone or with minimal help (like say for two to four hours a day). That's why I am turning to you, to get ideas on how you have done it without having the boys suffer.

So here's some background and some of the issues I will need to address-
1) My boys are super active. They have a set schedule now - feed, play sleep - with one caveat - I have to help them fall asleep into short naps (20-40 min), not by holding - but by rocking/ swinging on chairs. They literally resist falling asleep, when clearly they are tired - they both don't want to miss out on the action (even if that's me trying to read a magazine)

2) Also, another issue is I haven't found a consistent way to soothe one while feeding the other, in case the non-feeding one starts crying. My babies don't tandem feed.

3) I am afraid, while taking care of the babies, I will not have any time to eat or get ready for a walk (which is a part of their routine).

4) I cannot nap (quite sleep deprived, when I don't nap) if there isn't anyone watching the babies. The odds of both being asleep at once (I am trying to get them to do that first thing in the morning) are low, thus making it tough for me to sleep while both are sleeping.

I know I am posing 4 issues in one post, but I figure those of you who have managed to take care of your twin infants alone, would have addressed all these issues. Can you please give me suggestions of how you have done so?


Jackie - posted on 08/01/2012




Hi Ayman!
My name is Jackie and I myself have twin boys that will be 5 years old this month. While, I did not do it alone, I had my husband to help it still had its challenges, so I commned you for doing it alone. :)
I found with our twins we would just let them lay down and basicly cry it out and they will tire and fall asleep. Yes, I know it is hard to hear that but each day it will get shorter and shorter time for them to fall asleep and the will realize mommy isn't helping us fall asleep anymore. Very good you have them on a schedule, you DEFINETLY need that! Have you tried "white noise" to help them fall asleep? We always used a sound machine as well, or a soothing CD with rain or waterfall sounds. You need to try and nap when your twins nap or at least get rest. Lie them both down at the same time and they will eventually tire.
It sounds like you are doing a good job already, so keep up the good "mommy" work and it will all work out with time.
Hope this helped you out a little bit.


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