how to tell a child their dad doesn't want to see them?


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Rosa - posted on 09/26/2009




Kudos Kylie couldn't have put it better myself. Always try to avoid slandering the other person it only hurts the child. Even if you know its all true, your child won't understand that. My family will be praying for your situation dear!

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Hi, this must be a really hard time. My husbands father didn't want to see him either, and dumped him with his grandparents when he was 5. The best thing would probably be to talk to your child about diffrent families, and how families can change. Explain to them that they won't be seeing their dad anymore (don't say he doesn't want to if you can avoid it). Make if clear to the child they did nothing wrong, and that they are very loved no matter what. Allow them the ask questions, and if they seem to not be coping talk to their school, or some one similar about extra support for them (some kids struggle to talk to their remaining parent about this kind of stuff because they don't want the parent to think they don't love them).

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