How to wean my 11mnth old frm nursing

Brittany - posted on 01/15/2010 ( 10 moms have responded )




my son will be 1 on January 23rd hes never drank from a bottle, but he does drink from a cup. he eats EVERYTHING, but he still will NOT stop breastfeeding. Any tips???


Kiaya - posted on 01/20/2010




Yeah it is really just a matter of slowly replacing the breastmilk. If he is going to eat lunch and usually nurses afterwards give him him a cup of cows milk or breastmilk. and do that through the day I think the ahrdest part is getting them to wein when the get up and go to bed I would use one of those which ever you think would be easier to switch with a cup. Using a sippy cup instead of a cup cup might help.

Caryn - posted on 01/19/2010




Have you thought of maybe weaning the nursing schedule to times when hes not going to sleep. Say for instance he is going to sleep at 8PM and nursing to fall asleep. Start at 7:45, have a nursing session and put him to bed, after a few nights start a little earlier. Eventually work down to 630 or whatever time would be ideal. This way he is still getting your bmilk but is not using it as an aid to falling asleep.
I wouldn't recommend cutting him cold turkey because that will not only be hard on him but also your boobies as well!!!
If you are really wanting him to start drinking cows milk you can try warming it some. Some bfeed babies prefer cows milk to be warmed since that is what they are used too. You may also talk to your dr about trying goats milk, it is the closest you can get to mommys milk!!

Amy - posted on 01/16/2010




My youngest didn't want to stop at a year old either, but I was ready. He wouldn't take a bottle or most sippy cups. The only thing I could get him to drink from was the tummy ticklers. I found them in the juice aisle. They are usually in a pack of 3 and have some kind of cartoon character on the lid. Since he was a year I tried him on regular milk, which didn't sit well on his tummy, so I tried rice and almond milk which worked. I just made sure he got his vitamins every day. Eventually he could drink cows milk. I gave him the sippy cup during the day and nursed at night just for a week or so to transition. I also enlisted the help of family to give him the cups when I stopped nursing.

Emma - posted on 01/15/2010




Don't worry about it. My youngest never had a bottle, but drank from a cup. Once she got to a year, I gave her cows milk to drink from a sippy cup in the day, and kept feeding her morning and night. This carried on until she was about 20 months old, when she had gradually reduced her breastfeeds to such a tiny amount that I just stopped them and she was fine. WHO advises keeping on breastfeeding until 2 years anyway. If you are desperate to stop, then my advice is to keep it up until one year, and gradually replace your feeds with a cows milk (with a folllow on formula a few times a day) in a cup. Take your time, maybe one a week, your son will get used to each feed. The hardest may well be the last thing at night one, if you find it difficult to settle him without it. If you really have to stop for some reason, the only thing to do is simply stop. He will cry, but he will eventually get used to it. Give him a dummy, perhaps, to deal with his sucking reflex. But my advice is not to stop these feeds until your son shows you he no longer needs them. It's good for him, and good for you, because it's only at night, it shouldn't interfere with any daytime activities, even if you are thinking about some sort of childcare, that shouldn't be a problem. I would be glad you haven't had to faff around with bottles, much easier to go straight to a cup. The last thing you should do is get him to take a bottle, because your next post will then be - how do I get my child to give up his bottle and use a cup!! If he uses a cup, that's fantastic, just go with that and he will gradually reduce his milk intake as he gets older.

Marisa - posted on 01/15/2010




will he drink water from a cup? You might start there. Milk was the absolute last thing my son would drink from a cup, he would drink water and juice but not milk. I don't have much other advice because my son always took milk from the bottle and breast and illness on both of our parts kind of transitioned weaning for us right at about 10 months. good luck! :)


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Brittany - posted on 01/19/2010




thank you guys soo much all the info posted was VERY helpful... Yes he drinks little here little there from the sippy cup then throws it on the floor lol but he wont drink whole milk from the cup... he does excellent its just when hes ready for a nap or @ night he wants to nurse. I dont mind the nursing but my son is getting big and he will be turning one ont the 23rd (this weekend) and im ready for him to not be so depended on me nursing him inorder for him to go to sleep. Ive had some majo issues with the pumping. idk y but it jus doesnt work ive been thru 3! im a stay @ home mom but i will be taking classes in Feb and im guessing im going to just have to go cold turkey : ( i REALLY dont want to but seems theres nothing else i can do

Deepkiran - posted on 01/15/2010




why are you in a hurry.... let him take his time... the more antibodies that go into him from your milk the better it will be for him for the rest of his life!!

Valerie - posted on 01/15/2010




If you have a pump try putting some of your breast milk in a sippy cup with just a little bit of milk mixed with it. If that works, just keep increasing the amount of milk and decreasing the amount of breast milk.

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