How young is too young to...

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.......let a baby 'cry it out'..
My son is 2 months old and has some serious issues falling asleep - specifically: he has to be held - either lying on a chest or side by side with someone hoding him close. In order to get him to sleep in his crib we have to 'sneak' him in it after he falls asleep w/ us. AND - usually he will wake up and cry until we pick him up.
I feel that 'crying it out' will ultimatey be what has to happen - but he's our 1st child and 2 months still seems too young to let him cry. Infact we dont know how long is 'too long' to let a 2mo old cry ingeneral... ive tried lay him down- comfort when he cries - repeat until it works...... but he's a persistant lil guy- and it doesnt stop. any advice would be GREATLY appreciated.


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I let both my kids sleep in my bed for the first month, then after that it was time for their own beds. Now they sleep wonderfully by themselves thro the night.

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This may not help you or be what you hear.....I was a baby holder to the max! My son, who is now 2 y/o, loved me holding him and snuggling and I loved it too! He slept with me until he was about 8 months old then he liked his crib better because he had more room! But the shirt idea could work for you. it helped my son go from my bed to his in no time!

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If I remember right, they don't recommend CIO for children under 6 months old. It's personally not a method I would use, but you will know what's right for your baby.

Until then, try swaddling as Sarah mentioned. Also, you might try letting him fall asleep in his swing. Our ped recommended that for our son since he had reflux and ear problems. It wraps around them and sways just like you do, (also keeps him inclined to aid with reflux and ears) so it may provide some comfort for him.

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I would check with your doctor... I can't remember at what age they started suggesting that to us...

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Have you tried swaddling him? Both of my kids loved that close, snuggly feeling and I used the SwaddleMe blankets until they were at least 3 months old.

Another idea I have came from a friend of mine. To help her baby sleep, she gave her a t-shirt to snuggle with that she had been wearing or sleeping with so that is carried her scent. I guess it is supposed to make the baby feel close to you if he can smell you, and it can be soothing to him. It doesn't have to be a shirt. It could be a receiving balnket or a burp cloth... just something that smells like you... it worked for my friend! Good luck!

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