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I havent used it but it looks like it would be okay to use for a guide. I have started potty Training my son about 2 weeks ago, (he turned 9mo on the 22nd) it is going really well. We get on the potty every hour and I read a book to him and have a running water sound, we also get on right after naps (thats where I have the best results) he is really starting to catch on and LOVES the praise, he will walk over to his potty chair. he knows what it is for. I am following the instructions that my mom used on me and she said I was by 15 mo. I really think the child has to be willing to want to potty train. it all started out for us to just introduce the potty chair to our son when we first sat him on it he went potty. and giggled when we praised him for doing his job, it just showed that he was ready and willing to use the potty. Best of luck on your potty time journey!!

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