husband joinin the national gaurd? HELP!!

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My husband is thinkin about joinin the national gaurd. we says thats the only way we could afford to have an other child which we both want soon. but how long will he be gone? im scared he may miss the steppin stones of his daughter growin up. and what if i am pregnant, would they let him leave to see his newborn child? i have so many "?" i would love to talk with other wives/mothers in theses shoes. we have had help for the gov but we hate it. we arent the type of pple that take pride in that. and would like to support our fam by ourselves. im so sacred. i have no fam up here and no friends. and if my husband leaves for months at a time it would just be me and my daughter. what should we do??/


Samantha - posted on 05/16/2011




dont worry its not as bad you think its going to husband is about to go into the regular army and i am very excited about it..the benefits are incredible! my father was in the army my whole life and it really wasnt bad at all..he was only deployed twice..once when i was a baby for about 6 months and then again last year for 10 months..and the last one he literally had to beg for years to finally be sent..depending on his job he really wont be in any danger and now with all of the technology you can video chat almost can be hard sometimes but everything you get out of it is def worth it!


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Molly - posted on 05/17/2011




there are alot, Ive gone to basic with alot of them. when he gets a unit. try going there and asking. sometimes they have a group called FRG family readines group

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thanks everyone. :) do any of you know of support groups for mothers/wifes for thier husbands in the gaurd. or not really support groups but other mothers around wichita ks area????

Molly - posted on 05/16/2011




hey shellee message me, My husband and I are both in the national guard. I can give you some answers if u still are looking or asking

Brie - posted on 05/16/2011




my aunts husband was in the national guard and he was deployed twice... both times for a little over a year.. now thatisn't necessarily what will happen to him though.. he will have to be gone one maybe two weekends a month for training... but the benefits are supposed to be great... wish you both luck and thoughts and prayers are with your family...

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